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    I look at this Game as if it's similar to ENORMOUS, Colossal, stairs and the stairs never end. After you run up so many there's a prize that you get. At first the prize is small. The discomfort may outweigh the feeling of the prize. But the further you push yourself to run up staircase after staircase each prize seems to get bigger and bigger. If you also rest for too long, the stairs form into a pyramid where you slip and fall so many feet back down to where you were last. and if you wait too long you can slide all the way to the ground. At the very bottom you're Surrounded by cold hearted friends, or even no friends at all and your relationships are horrendous.

    The 2nd thing, From now on i'm going to really try to limit the amount of negative things I talk about on here. This will help to motivate other guys who may read my posts.

    The exceptions for this will be if something is bothering me so bad that I HAVE to say it. I will benefit from doing this through tracking my progress. I have just re-read the last field report I wrote and visualized everything that happened 3 days ago and it was 1.) Almost to good to be true. 2.) Gave me the motivation I needed to continue climbing up the stairs. I 110% believe this stuff works and no one can change my mind right now.

    The other thing i'm going to do is NOT put up any pictures of myself on here, or go into too much detail about what each girl looks like. I might speak in code sometimes but if you guys are familiar with PUA terms you should know what i'm talking about.
    That way I can be very explicit on certain subjects but also not be googled by any of my future targets.

    Tonight I was going to hang out with HB9(Redhair). I originally thought she was an 8. But the more I looked at her facebook the more it made me nervous. I've been conditioning myself to not focus on what the girl looks like after the first 3 seconds. This has caused me to either judge her as Red, Yellow, or Green. I will glance very rarely to see how hot she is but if I do this too much I'll come across as either staring or talking and checking her out. Both of those are DLVs. If a guy has 100 girls in his life is he going to be constantly checking out the girl he's talking too? Hell No.

    I also looked at the facebook page of the only girl in school who I thought was hotter then the girl I went on a day 2 with but the more I looked at her pics the more I think my target is hotter. She may be the hottest girl at my college.

    I had the balls to call her up today. It's been 2 days since we made out. & we txt a few times every day. I honestly think my txts are a lot better then what mosts guys are using. I'll post the whole conversation if I F-close her. With of course leaving out her name. I called her once AND SHE DIDN'T PICK UP.... ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!.
    I didn't leave a voice mail message. Why? Cause hot girls in the past who have called me didn't. And I already called her up once and left a voice mail message 4 days ago before the day 2.

    She txt me back 4 hours later and said her friends boyfriend is fighting and she's on the phone with her. That she'll call me back tomorrow.

    I told her i'm busy most of the day tomorrow but i'm free at 2 different times.

    Here's some comfort routines that I don't know concept for concept yet. I want to get these routines down better. (I will probably abandon all of these after I go from A3 to S1 with enough girls.)

    -100% perfect girl
    -The Eyes Pattern
    -The Trust Pattern
    -Rykers Rules
    -I Want You Pattern
    -The T.V. Test (I'd like to experiment with stacking this routine into the Golden Ratio, then coming back.)
    -The Golden Ratio
    -Strawberry Fields (I kind of already know this one)

    I'm also looking into The October Man sequence. Supposedly, In10se has a lot of stuff out on this.

    I just read Buddix's comfort routines that he compiled from different PUA gurus. This was on a different forum. I read it as I was looking for different comfort routines. I completely forgot that when a girl negs you in comfort that you're supposed to freeze her out GOD DAMN IT. I was thinking about the seduction phase and how I would use freeze outs then, but I forgot about using them in comfort. I probably could have Fucked that girl on Monday if I would have turned off the light negs through out comfort and just froze her out for a couple seconds for any time she said something that was inappropriate enough.

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    It's Friday! Happy to be out of school for the weekend. I didn't accomplish day 4 of the challenge cause my mom wouldn't let me use the car yesterday for reasons that are unknown to me.

    I talked to that annoying dude in my first period class already privately about not bothering HB9 and me in third period, and that i'd really respect if he let us alone. He only turned around once today in third period and said something. I ignored him and told my target something then froze her out slightly. He then turned back around to where he was originally and didn't say another word. The way I did it was so calibrated that she kept asking me why I was mad at her.

    I scheduled a day 3 with her for this Sunday. I told her i'm busy tonight and tomorrow but i'm free sunday and she said she's okay with coming up to my house and watching a movie sunday. If I don't full close her here I might not be able to for the rest of the semester. Why? Because passionate relationships usually begin passionately. & Most PUA's agree that it takes 4-10 hours from meet to lay. Ideally 7.

    I've spent 6 hours with her outside of the class & k-closed her already. I also ran 2 patterns on her over the phone today and they didn't seem to work as well as I thought. She was completely silent after each one. After I talked for 2 or 3 minutes I'd pause for about 4 seconds to let her talk, but she didn't say much. I'd wait until she was done then I'd go into another routine. Styles100% perrfect girll routine worked VERY WELL. I could feel a connection being built more... but still I have no idea if she's really going to show up to my house or not. This girl is hott. If she doesn't i'll have to put this set behind me and think about all the positive things that happened with her. one-itis thoughts of her plop into my head every couple of hours and I don't want them too lol. I might have to end up having to gftw.

    I was checking out different PUA's talk about the octoberman sequence on youtube yesterday and I thought I'd be more into it. After a while this N.L.P. stuff started to get boring to me. When I look at the list of the top 15 guys who have made love to the most women, non of them use N.L.P. but all of them are charismatic and amazing story tellers. Charlie Sheen, Fidel Castro, and Wilt Chamberlain are very charismatic, enthusiastic, sure of themselves, and interesting from watching them on youtube. I'm going to probably model 1 or 2 of these guys who rank as the top 15 instead of going deeper into N.L.P. and patterns. I'm not going to say i'm completely done with studying N.L.P. but I think theres a much faster ways of making things happen, plus I don't think I'd be able to use the discovery channel pattern in a high impact club. It's just not going to happen.

    Now I'm going to read the Day 4 challenge. I'm pretty sure My mom will let me use her car today and I got to pull myself together so I can get out of the house and stop thinking about this girl.

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    DAMN IT! I actually stayed in tonight, when I wanted to go out. I somehow ended up knee deep in conspiracy theory readings on the internet and procrastinated way too long, Then ended up not going out all together. I'm going to read all of day 4 now anyways....

    Okay I finally exited everything else I was doing and read all of day 4. I'm going to see if I can do day 4 & 5 tomorrow. I'm disappointed in myself.

    It's late and I'm very angry about my moms controlling ways in the house, trying to force me to go to sleep at a certain time but i'm not going to go into detail about it. I think the more I block out her and anybody else who drains me in my writings the better off i'll be in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveLoveLove View Post
    I scheduled a day 3 with her for this Sunday. I told her i'm busy tonight and tomorrow but i'm free sunday and she said she's okay with coming up to my house and watching a movie sunday. If I don't full close her here I might not be able to for the rest of the semester. Why? Because passionate relationships usually begin passionately. & Most PUA's agree that it takes 4-10 hours from meet to lay. Ideally 7.
    I think your attitude is harming your chances for success. You met this chick through social circle, you are young so she is obviously too. The younger the chicks the lesser the chances for quick sex. You already set a sexual vibe, so you have all the time in the world for closing. Watching a movie with her while holding hands and cuddling. And just looking into her eyes during the commercial breaks, builds so much comfort. I'd play this one slow if necessary. She is a nine in your eyes, so go for a relationship she will trust you way more if you hit the breaks first. Just my two cents.
    I have much respect for your determination bro.

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    Thank you Feudal. You're right. Your respect for my determination gives me motivation. I also want to Fuck her. One of the biggest things that keeps a girl in a relationship is sex. I'm going to continue 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I'll do my best to say all the objections first as if i'm the HB10 as well. She also might not even show up tomorrow.

    Main things to remember. If she shows up.
    -Rykers Rules
    -The Ritual
    -Freeze out
    -Kino Escalation
    I stayed in 2 days & feel very guilty about it and now I want to go out and it's snowing like crazy and I couldn't even see the roads when I woke up this morning . I hate Pennsylvania, small town, nowhere GRRRRRrrrrrrrr. I'm going to go out tomorrow first thing when I wake up.

    Day 4
    Mission 1:HIt The Showers.
    Thankfully i've hit the showers every day since day 3. I'll shower again anyways. I have left a beard grow but I believe i'll shave that off too in about 5 minutes, then come back and say this Tony Robbins like quote in the mirror that Strauss wants me to read. DONE.

    Mission 2:Ask an Expert (get three women to recommend a cool local clothing store that carries menswear. Ask as many as it takes until 3 reply. When I get a recommendation write down the name of the store & location)

    I'm going to do this, first thing in the morning when I wake up. That way whether HB9 comes or not I'll be glad I got out out of the house

    Mission 3: Stand Up Straight

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    I feel close to total shit. That girl txted me at 10 in the morning

    HB9:"I can't hang out today. I'm afraid of what would happen. I don't want to start liking you too much. I am in a point in my life where I just need to be on my own for a while. I hope you'll understand. See you Monday."

    THIS IS WHY I SHOULD HAVE WENT OUT THE PAST 2 DAYS AND SARGED. Now the only way to get her into my life is to do a big time jealousy plot line, which may not work if I mess things up bad enough with other potential targets at my school. But I ultimately have to let go of the 3-6 hours we spent having fun... and become shallow in a sense. No Fucking one-itis for me. I'm not having it.

    At least I have the present time, & I didn't botch the set SOOO bad that the whole college perceives me as a freak.

    Gavin Rossdale from Bush -> "The bigger you give the bigger you get."

    i'm going to
    1.) Give someone on here advice
    2.) Eat
    3.) Shower
    4.) Do mission 2 for Day 4
    5.) Hopefully do day 5

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    Don't let it bog you down dude. Just keep at it and just enjoy the interactions you have with women.

    If you just wanted to hookup with hb9 you might have spent too much time in comfort.
    Next time build more attraction, be dominant and act quick.

    Also, keep one thing in mind. Every truly great pickup artist has a strong identity. Dictator, actor, singer, author, magician, they all knew who they were. So, keep polishing your skills, but also give yourself time to find out who you really are.

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    I don't think anybody truely knows who they are. I don't. But I enjoy music & psychology & when I spend 30 minutes grounding music & my band I think that conveys identity. I really liked the 1st two lines you wrote. I wish every PUA was that positive minded.

    I should have really focused on asking open ended questions to HB9. & built a jealousy plotline much earlier in te interaction. I'm just happy I got to kiss her. It shows how far I've gone the past couple of months. I still don't think I'm as good as I was near the end of Highschool. I have to keep making connections and open new sets
    day 4 continued

    Mission 2
    1.) the mall
    2.) American Eagle
    3.) couldn't find anyone other girls who'd answer.

    I might repeat day 4 tomorrow. Didn't really have a lot confidence in myself today.

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    I didn't want to write about this but I'm going to. This journal is authentic and so are my words. I woke up today and my mom did every thing she could to kick my self esteem into the dirt. Some days she doesn't bother me at all. But today she wanted to take out ALL OF HER imaginary problems out on me. I'm fucking sick of taking her verbal abuse. Half the time my head phones aren't loud enough to block her out from yelling about how i'm no good, how I'm never going to date any girls again, how I don't do anything around the house (even though I do. I take out the garbage, I run the vacuum, I clean the cat's litter box), and how I don't go to sleep when she wants me too. I'm 21, I really don't think It's necessary for me to have a bed time. A lot of times it's equally as bad as nails on a chalkboard. The way she complains is like sticking needles into your ears.

    I didn't get out of the house today or do much of my college work cause I feel like crap. I don't understand how my family can be so negative, evil, and disgusting. I do everything in my power to become a positive optimistic person and I keep getting shit on. What I would give if I could just find a job that pays enough to move out of this house faster. What i'd give to get a degree in college faster so I can get a job. Once I have enough money to live on my own i'm never going to talk to my mom again.

    HB9 looked very interested in me in school yesterday when I didn't sit by her. I started to create a jealousy plot line yesterday with HB9 and another girl. HB9 Leaned in to where I was sitting yesterday and asked if I was going to come back and sit by her. I said "No" politely as I was talking to a different girl. At this point I noticed a 3rd average looking girl in the class giving me IOI's. It had to have been from pre-selection. HB9 Txted me 2x and I didn't txt her back.

    HB9 also txted me earlier today and said "Happy Valentines Day." I called her up twice and she didn't pick up. Then she txted me and said she just wants to be friends for now. WTF. Her body language yesterday looked like she wanted to ravage me. Whatever. I'm not going to sit by her anymore in class. At the same time, It was so cool having 3 different girls continue to look at me and give me IOI's in Sociology, but i'm done talking to HB9 for awhile until either
    A.) I get her extremely Jealous or B.) I just don't talk to her until the end of the semester and try to game her again. I'm aiming more towards A.)

    I should have gotten out of the house today. SHIIIIIT!!!!!! I will do all 30 days of the style life challenge in the near future even if it kills me.

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    After roaming around on youtube for an hour and a half, watching mindless videos, I've finally decided to post on here. I thought about going back to sleep, but decided not too. I want this skill set BAD. But it's also been very very difficult to not let my emotions get in the way.

    I'm mostly feeling down because HB9 and I get along so well, I make her laugh like crazy and I already Made out with her, but when I call her she doesn't pick up then txts me a long txt that doesn't make any sense on why she doesn't want to hang out. I looked back at our txt conversations and she txts 2/3 of the conversation. MEANING SHE PUTS MORE EFFORT INTO IT. On Wednesday in sociology class, we got along so well and she couldn't stop laughing. I was drawing in her notebook, and I stole her drink (she let me drink it) while we finished watching a movie. She looks at me like she's very attracted to me & It feels like I've already had sex with here even though I didn't, & it's even weirder that she doesn't want to hang out. I think she might have been harshly abused in a past relationship. Enough on that. I can't let one-itis take ahold of me. Gotta shake that stuff off.

    LAST NIGHT I went out to the local bar that's always packed on Thursdays (THE ONLY ONE in town that get's packed & only on one day out of the week lol). I didn't stay out too late cause I had school earlier today. I DIDN'T FUCKING FINISH DAY 4 OR START DAY 5 OF THE STYLE-LIFE CHALLENGE BUT I GOT OUT OF THE GOD DAMN HOUSE AND TALKED TO SOME BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. & for doing that I'm proud of myself.

    One thing that's so frustrating is seeing all these guys start The Style Life challenge and nobody finishes it.. Not only that, Every dude I've had more then 2 conversations with on here besides Remedy0 seems to give up after a short time of trying to get this part of their life handled. Continually seeing this pattern isn't really the most motivating thing to notice. If you combine that with the small amount of girls to sarge and how negative my family is who I live with, it doesn't really give me much motivation. It's as if I keep getting sucked back into the scarcity mentality, even though there's Billions of girls on earth.

    It's now 7p.m. I'm glad all classes are canceled for Monday. This gives me 5 days until I have to go back.

    Future mini plans
    -Practice Cheat Sheets for an hour tonight and an hour or two tomorrow. (cause sometimes my mind fucking goes blank and even though I have a lot of it down solid, some routines need to be practiced a few more times) I have to be 100% certain of myself when I'm telling these stories. I have to stick to my material too.

    -Do Homework Tomorrow for next Wednesday.

    -Style Life challenge Finish Day 4 tomorrow and Do Day 5 as well tomorrow.

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