how do you respond to "oh wowzers" from a girl?
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    how do you respond to "oh wowzers" from a girl?

    here are the text messages (from a new number i did not recognize) ....

    her - (my name)?

    me - who's phone is this

    her - remember me (with a poor quality pic)

    me - better with names, not blurry cell pics that are impossible to make out

    her - lol (her name) (-this was a girl (HB9) i really hit it off with on the phone 8 months prior who then ignored me when she thought i wasn't that into her-)

    me - hey its been awhile what have you been up to?

    her - no text response but i just got a message on online from her saying "Lookie lookie! ;-p" (1.5 days later)

    me - oh my 3rd fav stalker:-) (5 days later)

    her - oh wowzers

    seems like a odd response. should i text game her "just met your twin" or just call her or what?

    thanks for any advice

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    Lighten things up bro!! Youre drowning her in boring... Use some smiley faces. And match her investment ...

    I would wait at least 3 days for her to re-initiate. If she doesn't then you can send her a funny pic or something.. I'm personally not a fan of canned openers. A funny pic does the same thing without her ever suspecting a thing.

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    I would just say "look who came back n being creative now ;-)"

  4. I only get the "oh wowzers" text when I send pics of my hb9incher so my advice isn't applicable here. Sorry.

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    I'm in the same boat as dirtybucky. I'm new to text game, but it definitely suits me better since I resemble Rocky Dennis. Good luck with the hb9 brobro

    Afcs Ain't Shit

  6. I would maybe ask her if she would like to go out dancing...girls like to go out dancing. And then immediately after she says yes, ask her if she'd like to see your hb9. She will most likely say no, but as a pua, we all know that no actually means yes. Sounds like you're on the right track.

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