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    Just wondering what mass gainers you guys use. I'm looking to bulk up a bit.

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    Mass gainers are just extra calories that make no sense for 99% of people. "Food" and lifting weights is usually a better option.

  3. I never used to take any supplements but about a year ago I started going to the gym more regularly and immediately after weightlifting workouts (I do other things than lift weights) I take about 30-40g of GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 (full serving size is 60g of protein but it's expensive stuff and I don't think I actually need that much for my size - I'm 5'10" around 160 lbs). I went from having a runners build to a stronger, more athletic build, it's noticeable.

    A couple weeks ago I caught up with an old roommate who I haven't really seen much since we lived together about 4 years ago. Back then I used to just run and do pullups/pushups/situps and didn't take any supplements. When she saw me she said something like "wow look at you, when did you turn into such a MAN?!?" while she was basically feeling me up lol.

    Vapor might be right, it's hard to say if the physical changes are just from working out but I like to think the protein immediately after working out is helpful.

  4. Supplements are meant for SUPPLEMENTING yor diet. It is not supposed to be something that replaces calories. Also, you do not absolutely need to use them to bulk up. As vapor said, lifting weights and good quality food is all you need. I'm assuming you don't know too much about lifting weights, so that would be a good place to start. Once you gain knowledge Of weightlifting and nutrition, then look intO it.

    Start small and basic.


  5. I only take BCAAs during training with crystal light. I am never sore, recover quickly, and retain mass well despite being in the mid-single digits body fat. 20g during a workout will be the only supplement you'd need. Even if I had more money to blow on supplements, I'd just take 50g spread throughout the day though glutamine did help my stomach.

    BCAAs allow me to train fasted which has helped me to not put on fat despite gaining several pounds of muscle. EAAs are also good, but BCAAs are better for megadosing. If you are taking BCAAs between meals, I don't see a great benefit to them. I prefer to take them on an empty stomach.

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    Muscle Building Proteins and Workouts

    Quote Originally Posted by thinkpad View Post
    Vapor might be right, it's hard to say if the physical changes are just from working out but I like to think the protein immediately after working out is helpful.
    I don't believe Vapor was referring to protein powder in general, but "mass gainers" - A small correction. Personally I take MP Combat Powder, or Myofusion. Both add additional Branched Chained Amino Acids that help build and structure muscle tissue while including Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (that breaks down more easily and cleanly than other proteins) Optimal Nutrition has great powders too - their best is more pricey however.

    Sometimes when your newer to muscle development, and want to gain weight - you make the mistake of focusing purely on loading up on protein. This will cause you to be more lethargic and you won't gain as much as when you add a decent amount of carbs to your diet - Pasta's, Bread's, Etc... Once I made this small change, I shot up 7 lbs in a week and a half being stuck at a 160lb mark where I was at for awhile because I'd focus only on proteins... Also eating multiple smaller meals a day. You should be eating around 5 meals a day with a good blend of Protein and Carbs.

    If your interested in building muscle, and toning up pretty quickly, check out my buddy's project on GSP RushFit. Using only very basic equipment - follow the schedule, and you'll see some nice results in 8 weeks, than blend it in with a month at the gym with heavy weights for a month, and cycle. Personally, I've seen some awesome results. Click Here for George St Pierres Workout Review, GSP RushFit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
    Mass gainers are just extra calories that make no sense for 99% of people. "Food" and lifting weights is usually a better option.
    ^^So much truth in this...OP what are your macros/cals looking like? All it takes is a small bump to keep gaining, as a natty you don't want to overindulge in calories or focus on gaining as much weight as possible quickly or else you'll fine a lot of it was fat. Focus on gaining ~.5 a week & as long as your lifts are progressing, you are doing it right.

  8. hello

    I think you must listen to these guys. I am somewhat interested like you in adding weight, but I see no use in having one of those looks that are just that looks, no real strength no real performance. Right now I am achieving to get a ripped ab, only possible with a decent diet, mostly organic and balanced. I realize I can eat carbos as long as they are quality. I quit on most sugars, and avoid salt. Lots of spinach, broccoli, and about a jar a week of natural peanut butter, etc. very very few abs

    thing is I lost some 6 pounds, but that was useless fat. I am 72.4 pounds right now at 5' 9" ish . I just aim for dense muscle, no so much a Schwarzenegger look.

    This is the first time I am trying weights, and now that I see how much i could gain per week thanks to dlow I am confident I will gain some strength. The only supplement I am taking after workouts (either jogging or lifting) is the cheap walyworld's whey protein powder along with a banana, peanut butter and half teaspoon of natural honey. Then usually a complete meal after a half hour.

  9. Mass gainers are helpful for people who find it hard to put weight on an additional 2 shakes a day as well as 3 normal meals should help with the calories and protein.

    Not sure where in the world you are so can recommend brands

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    Liquid aminos rock. You can get your protein from TrueNutrition at a good price... screw going to GNC, paying a fortune for a sales pitch and a half-full container.

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