Think she went cold..
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  1. Think she went cold..

    Getting back on the saddle after a year of getting over a chick.. What a waist!

    Anyway, I'm 29 and I met this 18 year old total hottie at a coffee shop. We starting chatting and hit it off, and I got the digits.
    We've met up twice for coffee and then a quick bite to eat.. Only to discover the first date she's a total; goodie-goodie, christian, virgin, who is very against drinking. I'm still very much so into her, but think I may have scared her a little with a "you're sexy" text. Which I love doing and usually have good results..

    Heres the convo, mid way after 45min texting..

    Me: hey (name) guess what..
    her: ?
    me: you're sexy
    her: I looked up stevie nicks and I don't look like her
    me: yeah you're right lol
    me: she's got nothing on you
    her: So how much alcohol have you consumed in two hours?
    me: Absolutely nothing, I don't drink anymore
    her: good for you
    me: ..just thought you'd like to know
    her: Well, thank you I'm flattered

    That was it.. didn't text her back.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated since I'm once again learning the ropes.

    Thanks fellas,

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    You need to step the texts up... they're boring and you're also letting her control the conversation with more boring.

    You may not see it but that alcohol line was her busting on you and not in a joking way.

    "you're sexy"... "she's got nothing on you"... wtf?

    Who the fuck is Stevie Nicks? I'm 29 and don't even know who the fuck she is. You might as well tell an 18 year old she looks like Jane Fonda.

    There's a difference between taking risks and just not being a fun guy. Grab your balls and be a man dude. If you want to drink, fucking drink. Don't stop because a "good girl" wants you to stop. Fuck that, chicks hate to see men change for them.

    Trust me on one thing... this chick isn't as "good" as you think she is. None of them are, especially the type you're dealing with here. You just need to spend a little more time in comfort with them.

    To be honest though, take your lessons and move on from this one, she doesn't seem into you. I can't blame her, that conversation was boring as fark.

  3. icefyre thanks for this man! Some great advice and right to the point!

    I agree 100%.. totally ff'ing boring attempt with this girl. I'm lost on how to step up my texting, I seem to do this lame sh"t whenever I become attracted to a girl. Mr lame-ass kev comes out and I lose my initial confident self. For some reason I put a muffler on my true natural self when I start to see some interest from her.. Then I lose them..

    And my response to her alcohol text.. I know, totally WEAK!!

    Do you have any advise/ examples on how to make my texts better and less boring, and also not have the girls control the convo? I'm obviously pretty terrible at this lol

    I'm taking the advise, putting this one under my belt and moving on.. Even though she still hasn't responded haha of course she hasn't!

    Thanks again bro

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