What did I do wrong? Well, is there anything wrong?
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    What did I do wrong? Well, is there anything wrong?

    Hi guys!
    It's really a honor to be here, I discovered magic bullets on jan 2012 just after my girlfriend dumped me after 7 years of relationship!

    This saturday I meet a really hot girl in a nightclub and we spent more than 1 hour together. In the end, since she would like to try snowboard I asked for her number, telling her that we can go snowboarding "in the future".. (come on, you can't tell a hot girl at 4 am let's go next saturday snowboarding together!)

    In any case... I got her phone number and I started to write to her yesterday morning:

    ME: girl name, save my number!
    HER: already done this night

    yesterday evening I wrote her again:

    ME: Hey girl name from city, here there are 3 old girls drinking a lot and they are still sober.. better than you and your glasses of rum! They win, you lose! 1 - 0
    HER: I don't like rum and i'm not competing with anyone :P if you are out with [a friend we have in common] say hello to him
    ME: What about yesterday night rum?
    HER: I drank it only because you said let's drink it, otherwise I'd have never ordered it
    ME: ok, next time we'll try one of your favorite cocktails, you'll pay!
    HER: yes, sure. I'm sorry but from where I'm from it's the man that pays
    ME: We'll see... what do you want to drink? The bartender is here
    (it's a joke, she's not with me)
    HER: I'd like a beer because I'm thirsty
    ME: I must leave you with the desire of it.. ah, i'm enjoying this beer a lot

    and she didn't answer anymore!

    I thought tat she was a "medium to short" fuse... but I was wrong!

    this evening, I wrote her again:

    ME: Hey judge, how was your day today? Did you defeat the mafia today [a joke about our interaction saturday night]
    HER:judge is a word too big for me, don't say it because I still have too many exams to do.. today was such an eventful day because there was a wallet to get back
    ME: you lost your wallet? so smart! So what did you do, you sexy lawyer?
    HER: My friend lost it saturday night. you shouldn't use neither this appellation [sorry I don't know how to translate it] .. by the way I'm really smart
    ME: from the hour we spent together you are an average. I say you are 7.5 [out of 10]

    ..and she didn't write me back!

    What did I do wrong? Was I too boring? Too critical?

    Should I radically change my behavior now?

    Many thanks for the time you spent reading this

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    you ask too many questions too soon in interaction makes interaction standard and boring. although she did invest into conversation but she never asked you any question that means she just replies to be polite. Texting should be purposeful so why dont you just ask her out instead of talking every night to her and wasting your time and her time.
    especially you are 27 years old you should appreciate your time.
    Personally i dont text girls unless i want to see them as im wasting my time on talking shit ,which girls do talk to friends about

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    I read about this "long to short fuse" theory, I thought I had to make her enjoy the conversation with me before trying to ask her out..

    Snupas I think you are right, but if I ask her out after the mess I made texting, wouldn't it be just awkward?

    What if I invite her with her friends to a place I'm going to tomorrow night?

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    do the casual invite! The idea with friends is perfect .send something along the lines: "hey "nickname or some funny name you called her" i'm going to that awesome place "place name" with my friends tomorrow, you must join.. promise to behave though ;-)"

    You didnt mess up , you overanalysing the situation. Nothing is awkward unless you think its awkward

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