What Did I Miss - Or What Did He Miss?
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  1. What Did I Miss - Or What Did He Miss?

    I ran into this guy again a couple of weeks ago at the same place where we had met and chatted several months ago. We never dated or anything, but it seemed that there was something brewing. When I saw him a couple of weeks ago, within about 30 seconds he told me he had a girlfriend, fist punched me, and told me she was there. I was breezy about it and asked him if he was in love with a smile (like a pal). He said he wasn't; it was too soon. We chatted a few minutes. I never saw the girl - oddly enough.

    Even odder is that almost every weekday for about two weeks after that, we ran into each other at this place around the same time - almost expected, although neither of us mentioned seeing each other the next day or anything. When I ran into him the first time after the girlfriend proclamation, I was pleasant and aloof and left first. From then on, he was very attentive and conversational and even gave me a big, obnoxious kiss on the cheek one day before leaving. Another day, he wore eyeglasses for the first time I had seen on him, and I commented that I liked them the next day. He told me they had no optical value and were just for fun. (He wore the glasses again the next day.) Another day he told me that I always looked so nice with a big smile. I thanked him, and I explained it was because I was going to work. He replied with a smile and "Is that why?" (strange question) I left before he did that day, but he caught up to me in the parking lot, and we chatted a bit before going our separate ways - a seemingly benign conversation.

    Unfortunately, and strangely, the last two times I have run into him, I feel like I have been blatantly ignored. One time he came up to the area, took a seat and said nothing. Several minutes passed before I glanced over and simply said, "Good morning." He didn't even look over but returned the greeting. When he walked away, I had casually turned to see where he was going, and he smiled flirtatiously and waved. The next day, he was standing when I approached the area, he looked at me and turned away for a second and looked at me again as I came up behind him to pass him on the way to my seat. and he looked at me coming, then turned away for a second, then turned back to me. I simply walked behind him on my way to my seat and quickly said, "Good morning." He returned the greeting then took off like his butt was on fire. (Incidentally, he was wearing the goofy glasses that day.) What in the world happened???

    (Incidentally, no mention of the "girlfriend" has been made since the encounter a couple of weeks ago when he seemingly couldn't wait to tell me that. It wasn't warranted, as I never really let him know I was ever interested and/or available, and he certainly didn't know what I felt or my status three months later.)

    Has he seemingly lost interest - or is this part of a game or test. Please help!

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    The "Is that why" was him teasing you, imo. Your smile was really for going to work, not for seeing him? Don't understand the point of saying you have a girlfriend if you don't. Some people will respect other people's relationships and not see it as an interesting challenge to break them up. Maybe they were on a "breaK" when you met and now they're back together or she never existed. Or, he's lost interest. (Try not showing up at the "regular" time or returning the favor by ignoring him. Make sure he has a chance to see your butt! lol There's nothing more intriguing to a man than seeing you walk away ) Or he's trying to pique your interest. Or, or, or...

  3. Yes, I thought there was something to the "Is that why?", even though I wasn't looking at him when he said it. I honestly was dressed to go to work, like I usually am when I see him at that time of day. I guess he was trying to get me to say that I was dressed like that each day for him, right?

    I don't know whether the girlfriend was real or a mere ploy. It's odd that she supposedly happened to be there the first day I saw him in a few months, then not again the whole time we had our get-togethers. She wasn't mentioned either. Just odd...

    Well, I am hoping that he didn't just suddenly lose interest overnight; hence, the ignoring. It seems there was an intent to ignore me, because it was so obvious. He came up to my area to ignore me, in other words - and one of those times he was wearing the goofy glasses!!!

    I agree with you about a man being intrigued when you have nothing better to do with him than walk away. That's exactly what I did on our encounter days after he proclaimed he had a girlfriend. The next day, he was SO attentive, sticking his well-defined, bare arms in front of me to illustrate something. I'm sure he was well aware of that!

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    haha..arms...drool...I love men- mysterious creatures that they are Hopefully some guys will stop by to tell you what they think!

  5. An Update...

    I saw him again today after we hadn't run into each other at the same place at the same time for over a week. He was seated when I approached the area from behind him, and something came over me that wouldn't allow me to speak first, like I had done the last two times I was "ignored". So I guess I played his game and did something similar to what he did one time. I approached the area and glanced around a bit in deciding which seat to take, paying no mind to him. My peripheral vision allowed me to see him stand up and hesitate near me for a few seconds while I was otherwise engaged, then he said cheerfully and with a big smile, "Good morning!" Without expression, I responded with a "Good morning" without enthusiasm. Then he took off like a rocket. Hm-m...

  6. Elizabeth,
    there is no way you can ever know whatīs going on in his (or anyone elseīs) mind or life at any given time.
    My GUESS would be that he lost interest for some reason. Otherwise he is having very strange mating rituals to say the least.

    The only thing you have to go on is his actions.
    Those are FACTS. The rest (his feelings, motives, thoughts etc) are pure and utter speculation.
    Knowing that you cannot know what he thinks or feels, the big question then becomes: What can YOU do, and what do YOU want?

    How do his actions make you feel? [Good/bad?]
    And is that something you want in your life? [Yes/No]
    You can NEVER ever control other peopleīs actions, no matter how hard you try.
    But you can control your own 100%.
    The question then becomes: what do YOU want to do?
    The choice is yours

    On a sidenote, I donīt quite get why you are interested in him?
    Physical attraction? Your own mindset or current situation in life? Something different?

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