i want to start gaming this girl in class again...whats a good angle to approach this
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    i want to start gaming this girl in class again...whats a good angle to approach this

    we are in college class together...when we first met we were flirting heavily, quickly met up for a "study session" and both had fun. Flirted a lot through text messages and in class. She said yes to meeting up again but didn't comfirm until right before the date so i canceled on her. a couple weeks later things went downhill and i started to sense it so i asked her out for another study date and she completely blew me off. but then...

    three weeks later...
    her...hey you. (text)
    me..no response

    later in class next semester she called my phone 5 minutes before class started.. i did not answer.
    When entered the class i saw her sitting in the front row. I sat in the back. She looked at me a couple times and the second time we made a funny face at each other. later she walked by and playfully punch me a few times.

    a week later she texts me a question about school she easily could have just got from the school website.

    I don't know if she is interested in me, interested in the chase only or just trying to string me along so i just kinda ignore her but now it's been a couple weeks with no contact all and i want to game her....what is the best angle to approach this?...text/phone (we have never spoke on the phone)?

    thanks in advance for any help

  2. say "hey are you still alive? text 1 for yes or 2 for no"
    then ease back into the state you guys were in, casually go for the meet-up and show her ur the shit

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    MrCaptain...that shit is hilarious...hope you don't mind if I steal it! Chem...yeah...just listen to captain

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