what is the best way to follow up with this girl?
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    what is the best way to follow up with this girl?

    8 months ago i really connected with a girl on the phone. (we first met online). we hit it off on the phone and she invited me to a party but i declined as it would be the first time ever meeting i aimed to go on a date instead. we had tentative plans to meet but never did. I didn't contact her for almost two week afterwords then she basically blew me off for a date. Now i suddenly got the following messages from her and shes back on the dating site. I'm not sure if she is interested or just a attention whore. I'm sure she gets a lot of attention from guys so proper game is important here. how do i follow up?

    here are the text messages (from a new number i did not recognize) ....

    her - (my name)?

    me - who's phone is this

    her - remember me (with a poor quality pic)

    me - better with names, not blurry cell pics that are impossible to make out

    her - lol (her name)

    me - hey its been awhile what have you been up to?

    her - no text response but i just got a message on online from her saying "Lookie lookie! ;-p" (1.5 days later)

    how do i follow up with this?

    thanks for any advice

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    i would just reply the following : "oh my 3rd fav stalker is back ;-)"
    Dont ask too many questions at first, let her ask the first question
    if you will ask questions it will look like you need it the most
    For future 2 weeks without contact is a bit too long, the girl will just think you are not serious about her the good thing you didnt come up as needy and your first impression def was good so thats why she is back in contact with you

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