3 Months .How do I deal with AA and whats the best way to use Pivots.Need Help !!!
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  1. 3 Months .How do I deal with AA and whats the best way to use Pivots.Need Help !!!

    I have been at this for 3 months and I'm still dealing with AA Part of it I have realized is not opening a set immediately I set my foot in a club .I think if you donít open the first set you see which would be in 10-30 seconds when you enter a club for a newbie you will more than likely just crush that night .I Usually go out alone 6 nights a month and I'm really trying to avoid the habit to walking to the bar when you get in a club .I Immediately want to walk up to a set and open .I did it on Friday night and it was magic but the next night I got a bad case of AA and never opened a set I should have overcome this weak points by now I don't want to be like a one of those guys who PUA'S talk about who have been doing this for a year and are not progressing . My weak points.

    1.Although I practice openers I get stuck when I open sets.( problem here is Iím not opening enough set's, with practice I think I will overcome this .

    2. Not opening immediately I set foot in the club.

    3.Getting stuck when a HB opens me ( I dress very well and decent in looks canít tell you how many times women will look at me or start talking and I get stuck .

    4. Getting stuck with a girl who is a 5 the whole night because she is talking to me instead of going to the 9 or 10ís (being lazy and just deciding to talk to a lesser attractive women because she is giving me attention meanwhile HB's are all over the place


    Every now and then I will go out with a bunch of friends to dance Salsa who include girls I donít want them to know that Iím using them as a pivot reason being our circle of Salsa friends gossip too much but I want to use them in a way that will look like we are just trying to meet people are there any pivot openers I can use to open a group when Im with a girl who is a friend????

    Advise and criticize all comments welcome

    See you in the field


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    1.) Everybody gets approach anxiety. All AFC's get it. The greatest PUA Masters get it as well.

    Some things that make opening set's less stressful are having good wingmen by your side who support you. Unfortunately nobody is into game in the small shitty area where I live in real life. If you live in a city where you can meet up with a wing do it. Find one on this forum, Or get a good female pivot. Already being in set will get you into a talkative mood to open the next set. Stick to your routines that you know instead of doing what doesn't work. Only abandon them when you're getting the success you feel that you deserve.

    Some things that make opening sets more stressful are having negative friends in your life who continually tell you, you can't do whatever it is you want to do. Get rid of them as fast as possible.
    The worst thing is if you have family members who are like this, try to only hang out with them when their doing something they enjoy like Watching a Basketball game or eating out. Limit hanging out with them as much as possible. This is also another huge thing that's holding me back. Learn from my pain.

    2.) Pretend that your on your phone even if you have nobody to call. Why? Cause hot girls do this when they think they're going to be hit on. This will also get you into a talkative state and girls are attracted to the guy in the room who's the most socially savvy. This will help you open better.

    3.) As soon as a girl opens you Qualify her and cut her thread and see if it hooks. If it doesn't neg her and continue to run your routine stack. Try a different qualifier a minute later. Qualify her a few times intermittently with your stories, role-playing, cold reading, and kino-escalation then move her.

    4.) These 5's will raise your value. They give you preselection. I truly believe that an ugly 5 is better then having a guy friend who kind of know's how to wing. Also focus on making friends with all the dudes and ugly girls in the room. If the hot girl sees that you know everybody in the bar your value will generally be raised.

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