Do you make your multiple routine stacks beforehand?
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    Do you make your multiple routine stacks beforehand?

    What routine stack do you use that has multiple routines and has worked well for you?
    Like with a particular opener you might be having in mind the routines you would be using to attract, to build comfort, push-pull, tease, kino etc.?
    So there might be a rough stack of multiple routines that you might have prepared in case you run out of stuff doing the natural game?

    Is it that you memorize like 2-3 DHV stories, couple of push-pull routines, some kino tricks etc. and then just use them interchangeably? Or you have different routine stacks that you follow?

    Atleast in the beginning you might have done something like this?

  2. Go out and chat with women. Chat with women you know at work or school. Find out what topics of discussion or stories hold interest...but when you see the woman you want...You really need to know what you are going to say.

    I know this sounds unusual, but if you really want to see these techniques put into action and you dont have anyone who can show you...Go to a Strip Club. Those women will school you. Just go in and talk to a few and pay attention.

  3. How much tme do you spend in the field? I learn routines a little bit at a time. I try to impliment a 4 to 1 rule. 4 hours in the field for every 1 hour of studying. I used to, as I imagine you may be doing now, spend hours on hours studying routines and gambits so that I would have everything mapped out and all the contingencies planned for. You know what happened? I forgot or abandoned everything I worked on when I approached. Only now that I'm doing 40 or more approaches a week am I beginning to be able to put them to use effectively.

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