Remedy's Progress: FRs, LRs, and adventures

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    Remedy's Progress: FRs, LRs, and adventures

    Feb 2, 2012

    After reading some field report blogs and the rules, I want to start of fresh and do this properly.

    I'll be starting an adventure soon. In a few days I am flying to Taiwan and will also be visiting Hong Kong. The duration of this trip will be one month.

    Lately I have been focusing on text and online game before I head put to my trip. I got some girls and dates planned out already in Taiwan. I am expecting lays---and lots of them on my trip.

    My goals:

    - Get lots of lays
    - Overcome severe AA
    - Practice going direct
    - Read Mb and routines guides I and II
    - Improve my inner game

    A little about me:

    I'll keep it short since I am on an iphone. I can sing some songs very well in mandarin. I slept with at least 30 women in my lifetime, most of which were before I knew "game" as I know it now or had even heard about any of this stuff. Most of the women are asian. I have many MANY stories to tell. All I can say is EVERY woman is different, and likes sex a different way and so on.

    I'll try to keep my posts short, simple and enjoyable to read--and leave anything but a LR and FR out. Comments and critiques are welcome. Show me the love guys
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    Thanx Ozz for the luv and encouragement

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    Hey guys, let me know what you think. Should I also include text game as a field report too. I know some of you out there struggle with text game.

    Man. Met a new girl tnite on fb who lives in Taiwan. She's gonna introduce me to her hot friends. I'm gonna be swimming in poon before I even sarge.

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    post whatever you want. As long as there is any value for others, people will read it.

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    Thnx Feudel

    I want to give others value too. I also bought Magic Bullets and Routines Guide 1 and 2

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    Feb 3, 2012. 2:30am

    I really want to help you guys out who struggle with text game. I've been talking to this girl, lets call her HB-T. I posted our conversation from yesterday here:

    A little about this HB: She gave me more of a challenge than other girls when it came to text game. Guys who lack text game skillz may be thrown off by her attitude. I hope some of you can learn from this example so you will not be discouraged by these kinds of girls. Now, here is the rest of our conversation, which happened to continue today. Enjoy

    Girl: Whatever!
    Me: Cute haha

    M.ystery just *winked* at you! What's up?
    M.ystery just *winked* at you! What's up? (I sent these both at the same time)

    Girl: Stop winking at me
    Me: Your feisty
    Girl: Wayyyy should've figured that out
    Me: Thats one reason I like talking to u (Did I just begin comfort???)
    I like it when a girl gives me flak sometimes and attitude when I challenge them. Then I can do it back. It intrigues me.

    Girl: Hahah yep- ain't letting you get away with shit that easily
    Me: Nah you got it wrong. If I challenge you then I get what I want. I get excitement. (I reframed myself)
    girl: Hahah not from me
    Me: Too late haha
    Girl: Whatever man
    Me: You are so going down when we have this drinking contest (I steer conversation towards us meeting up again to retest for interest one day after we had talked)
    Girl: Hhaha ok- we'll see! (She still shows interest. Bingo!)
    Me: If u lose, u need to drink one winter ales hahaj
    Girl: Its not like a chugging contest right! Cuz I want to enjoy my beer- (I like what she had to say. It means we'll be able to also have a good chat and she won't necessarily use me for liquor)
    Me: Of course. This ain't some frat chug it fast party. We could always play some drinking game too and loser has to...for example u would end up drinking a winter ales. Like half while I drank the rest for example.

    Girl: Ok! This is so exciting!

    Me: The contest?

    Girl: Yes! I'm stoked haha. Are you really from ***? Btw whats ur name?

    Me: I grew up in ***, then moved to **** when I was like *** and lived there until I was **** My name is (FIRST NAME). Niced to meet you. And what is your name?

    Girl: ****

    Me: That is a nice name. I like it. (I really don't give a shit what her name is.).

    Girl: Haha why thank you

    Me: I suspect you find a lot of guys to not be a challenge(I'm beginning a cold read here since she jumped through some of my hoops and offered me compliance). I know a lot of guys tend to kiss girls asses and only compliment their looks (I know this from what girls tell me and from setting up a fake female pof profile).

    Girl: I don't talk to guys like that haha (She confirmed my suspicions all along, justifying my game plan to challenge her more than I'd have liked to). Only thing that interests me is a guy with wit and humor and can bicker with me

    Me: That is what you'd call a challenge imho

    Girl: Oh ya (confirms what I know about game stuff and my cold read being accurate)

    Me: Women need to feel validated somehow in their own various ways (Hinting girls don't want some easy guy). Some want a challenge while others are more serious and get turned off by that.

    Girl: Same with men-

    Me: Perhaps. If only men could figure women, they'd be a step ahead haha (LIKE ME MWAHAHAH)

    Girl: Will never happen (OH IT JUST DID WOMAN!). Sleep time! I'll chat tomarrow! Night

    Me: I bet you told a guy you had a bf as a test to see how persistent they'd be (Using another cold read). Ok. I just got home myself have a good night.

    Girl: I don't need to lie. Nights.

    There you go. Hope you guys enjoyed this conversation. I have a good chance off meeting her in person and seducing her via a good chat and liquor when I come back from Taipei.

    Goodnight fellas.

    - Remedy

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    Girl: Ok! This is so exciting!
    Golden, emotional highpoint of the conversation and it was a subtle change into where you -should- have stopped chasing because she would have naturally fallen into the role of chasing you. Of course it's easy to see stuff like that when you're not the one texting, I know I make a mistake here and there. Good thing though, is that these mistakes are not even mistakes that hurt game, just things we miss out on to make game better and smoother.

    In my opinion, I would cut the comfort stuff through text. It can come of as real awkward if the girl isn't pretty attracted to you. A little comfort is good but you're throwing heavy comfort in the mix. Maybe it fits your style though.

    When I get to emotional high peaks like that and you spot the girl says something emotionally overreaching, or hell, even plain awkward, you stop texting and let them think and shit their pants about their last text.

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    Good point. I'll keep that in mind.

    She started to become more comfortable and serious with me, which is a good sign. It means when I meet her I will have some rapport going when I do the whole shibang over again in person: which translates to as our interaction being less akward and her bitch barriers being lowered. I tend to get girls to chase me after comfort is built. It makes them not want to lose what they have invested in haha.

    BnG, I'll keep what you said in mind and see if I can get girls to chase me more for text game, but the way I've experienced things, if she generally hasn't met you yet, you need her to feel comfortable so she will want to meet you, THEN you begin the whole game cycle again as you get to know each other from interacting in person.

    Anyway, we'll see what happens when I meet her after I come back from Taiwan.

    Fellas, Tomarrow I will be doing my first daygame direct approaches with a fellow PUA. I'm nervous about it but thanks to your field reports and blogs, I feel excited and encouraged.

    Also, I am nervous that all my Taiwanese hunnies will catch on to me. A lot of them are on my facebook and frequent my page regularly and I fear if I fuck some of them, they will want to spend my entire trip with them...awww I feel kinda guily about that haha. Some are even open to the idea of coming back to Canada with me.

    I'll post that FR tomarrow. Goodnight fellas.

    Also, the challenge line "You can't drink more than me" to a girl is golden.

    -Remedy out

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    Fr: Feb 4, 2011
    Title: My first day game sarge!

    Armed wearing a new Guess leather jacket and chained neckless, I board the metro and make my way downtown to meet up with Akbaby for Soul-style daygame.

    I'm sweaty; I'm nervous --because I haven't completely memorized the fucking opener. Fuck. Shiiit. Here I go, off the train on my way to my first Day game sarge, and certainly, a line of blow outs.

    Ahhh, a caribbean musician plays as I make my way out. How relaxing. A hottie walks up to me as I am about to through the door. I hold it open for her, she walks and past and holds the next door for me. I open her with an opinion opener right away.|

    I say i'm going to taiwan in two days and Askif there is any stores around here I can get good quality leather shoes that she would want a guy to wear or her boyfriend. She recommends Aldo and Zara. I keep it short and go on my way, due to nervousness and having to meet my friend, though I don't appear nervous to her because of my relaxed, calm body language. That made me feel a little more comfortable because she engage me and was smiling

    I reread soul's opener. Fuck it isn't completely memorized. I think "i'll see what I can do. Once I memorize it, I will be a BOSS when used with good body language hehe "

    Fuck. I'm scared. We walk around a lot and my buddy opens someone. He seems to be locked in for now talking. I don't want to look so I don't creep the girl out. So I stand by a nearby store and pretend to txt (i'm writing this report now) and enter a store. Apparently it turns out she was creeped out somehow(my buddy couldnt figure out why) and I wasn't far away enough. I make a note of this for next time so I'm not in her sights.

    We left the mall, talk about game, and Akbaby goes off to to game this girl. I go into the bookstore this time. I see no hbs. Damn. When I finally wanna open I see none. I walk outside and don't see him so I walk to intersection and txt him. I see a european hb9 and fail to open her. She was with hb7. I see an hb6 walk past and don't wanna open her cuz she has some weird looking face to her.

    I need to summon the courage to use that opener I don't got down yet. Fuck. It's gonna be awkward. A girl hb8 blonde walks past with cockblock. I don't open cuz it prob her bf.

    Street guy hands me a religious thing that says "god keeps a record of every sin..." haha

    I meet up with him again and he tells me it went well except a junkie homeless guy cock blocked him while talking to the girl.|

    We go to a nearby starbucks and grab a coffee. I bust on this girl at the cashier for not knowing what a fucking Starbucks small is. Fuck why does starbucks have to label their cups tall, grande, and venti. Every girl in starbucks gets thrown off when i say "small" so now I just naturally bust on them. I bust on girls too whenever they ask me that common question "what do u do" cuz whenever I say what I do they just say the same thing "whats that?" so now i bs them and make them guess, which ended up working out as a great flirty routine

    Anyway, we sit down. I didn't open any sets yet and I feel i should be kickin myself. I notice a hb Fashion asian(looks chinese) with what appears to be her mom and just go for it.|

    I move up to her from the side, tap her elbow gently and open her.

    Me: Excuse me, but I saw you standing here and I had to come say hello. I think/thought you are so beautiful....hi, my name is rob( reach out with my hand to handshake) nice to meet you."

    Girl has this forced fake smile that screams she wants me to get away from her. "Hi Rob".

    I eject. Haha. What a blowout, but at least I did it. |

    Anyway, Akbaby and I continued to chat and I showed him the Soul q and A step 2 in his classic material thread. Apparently my wing didn't know about that and will be checkin it out.

    Now I'm on my way home to work. Yeah, I failed, but I sincerely believe if i can get this down and memorized results will come |

    I'll be practicing it in Taiwan and solo for sure and plan to throw in playful teasing too. Encourage me guys. Im fucking scared, like i need to jump off a cliff, but it feels good. I also plan to do this for night game too.|

    Also I plan to get a friend to translate the opener in mandatin for me so I can say it.

    Also, I spent 1G on new clothes today. Oh yeah, that first girl I opened she saw me again walking past with my friend and looked at me and smiled! But I didn't act on it

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    I bought a new outfit from Guess, Armoni Exchange blazer/suit top/ Guess leather jacket .... Roots canadian sweater jacket for peacocking my canadian foreignerness in taipei...hell ya i cant wait. 1,500 dollars well spent

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