Company Party with an Ultimate AMOG HELP!

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  1. Company Party with an Ultimate AMOG HELP!

    I have a company party next week.

    Quick Overview

    -Its an Airline Party
    - Filled with hb7-9 (Flight Attendants)
    -These Parties tend to get wild
    -My friend is an AMOG
    -I have two issues (I can use all your help guys)

    Issue 1:

    The HB have high social value and can be very snobby so negs will be used when necessary. I'm gonna go with an indirect-approach on most sets with the aid of my wing who is a damn good wing . This party will have music and alcohol=grinding (thought I should throw that in just incase you were wondering). Its very common that you full close with these hb at the end of the night after sarging enough sets. So my issue is whats the best approach IN THIS SITUATION direct or indirect with these hb? Also, some examples would be useful.

    Issue 2: (This is my biggest issue for the party)

    My friend (lets call him "M") is an AMOG. He has a reputation for jumping into sets that you worked hard to open and as you are about to close "M" swoops in and takes it. I'm not even kidding when I say he jumped into 7 sets that my wing and I opened and worked on. He was like a damn vulture waiting for the right opportunity to jump in when the set was begging to be closed.

    "M" will also have a wing (who is also my friend) and then I will have two AMOGs running around waiting for me to do the hard labor. I cant have this happen again.

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    If they were true alpha male's they shouldn't relying on to do all the hard work he sounds more like scavengers to me 'taking in the left overs' . You should be actually co-operating with each other.

    Do situational openers. Something like 'hey guys you having fun?'

  3. look at what they are doing and say it isn't allowed, this is hilarious IMO. for example:

    you (at a girl who's drinking/dancing/texting): "hey no drinking/dancing/texting allowed here"
    girl: blah blah blah
    you: "i'm going to have to confiscate your drink/heels/phone and escort you out of here"
    then immediately transition as this one can run stale fast
    have fun man, i'm a pilot and currently finishing up college, what airline?

  4. Thanks guys...this is good stuff!!!

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    As soon as The AMOG gets into your set... AMOG HIM! Why are you letting him take your shit?. Pat him on the back and tell him "Don't worry Bro, I got this." then give him the back and keep talking to the set. Show you have more value than him.

  6. LOL u call him ur friend???WTF? if he was your friend,he won't mess your sets up

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    Damn that's sound exciting. Are these partys limited to the working staff?
    Would dying to meet some Stewardesses.

    Although this situation is over I would aggree create an stronger frame of yourself as the AMOG. If he crushes into your set simply don't introduce him just a little "hey" turn back in position to talk with the group. So basically he's isolated alone and if tries again to beginn some approaches just shut him down. Try that his appearance creates akward moments for him not for you.


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