How Would You Respond?
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  1. How Would You Respond?

    This could be a shit test, but she is more than likely PO’ed.

    Disclaimer..The opener has great response rates, but you have to be smooth with the transition... It does not work very well in metropolitan areas such as NYC. Typical and friendly responses are: why, what picture, whats wrong with it, haha your kidding, lol is that your way to break the ice..and from time to time I get a remark like so:

    Me: Hey are you sure about having that picture up?

    Target: Are you sure you should be emailing me. Lucky for you i will be blunt and say you should resign from match.

    All in all, i dont give a shit b/c these responses are rare..but would be good to get the communities take on it...

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    Some people will just respond to messages they wouldn't usually because they want to make sure you don't contact them again or because you've annoyed them. Or both really. I think your message may have provoked that reaction. I wouldn't usually reply to such a message but you could always go with something like:

    "Yeah I'm sure, I checked with the authorities. They said it's fine to message but to be careful and I can see why! "

    Possibly add something on the end but really, she's been blunt with you, you can be blunt with her and so what if she doesn't reply anyway?

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    Wow you are to nice of a girl to become my girlfriend

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