Milf going on 50 but still on the bar/club scene
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  1. Milf going on 50 but still on the bar/club scene

    What's up guys. this is my first post here, however I've been reading through all the forums. very good information. so.. I am 30 years old....k now that's out of the way...I was at balboa island last weekend, me and my wing(female) went to a "no dancing" bar lol(yah i know...). she's a good friend of mine btw. We are just hanging out listening to the live band.. she's making friends with lots of older business type women, mid 40's and very cute. Doing a good job of winging for me. We meet a 49 year old cutie pie, about 5/5 and 49 years old. I'm 30 years old and haven't been with a women older than 35 in my life. I'm a bit intimidated by the age difference but she seems cool. Thanks to my wing i haven't had to run any serious game other than body language. this milf is live, dancing and loud, having lots of fun. Instantly she tells me how adorable i am and sexy...etc.. got her # and we(my wing and her) walked over to her beach house and sat on a bench for a minute. The milf was talking about how we should be a group. go upstairs for some 3 way action. my wing isn't into that, which is something im gonna have to break her of. my question is... the milf calls me every other day, she wants me to come out and stay with her this weekend. However, I'm not used to the more sophisticated ways of a 49 year old business woman. I'm just a street dude with some computer smarts.. any ideas of what kind of general area of conversation i should get into or should i just treat her like i treat the rest of the 20 and 30 year old set's i approach ? I've got instant body language from her, she wants to jump my dick fast but i don't want to be the AFC pervert who will give it up to any woman, to me that's a strait DLV to her. like she's testing me. so I'd like to at least back off a bit and show some personality. but this girl is very business outgoing type. she goes to L.A just to eat dinner and travels like it's nothing. I'd like to get to know her better but i don't want to seem like too much of an inexperienced person to her. any ideas ? maybe i should skip convo and take her right on the spot ? or what...

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    Be yourself & expect to keep it casual for a while. She can "train" you later if it gets serious, but she's prob. not going to try to rope you into anything.

    You'll find out more about her later. If you're attracted to her and just see it as NSA sex, you'll be fine, and the more you get to hear her back story on relationships, can determine where it will go. Maybe she's freaking out turning 50 and not being in a relationship, and maybe she really enjoys her independence and doesn't want a LTR.

    Being a little naive is okay. Don't try to match her - you'll lose.

    If you and her have good compatibility, then there's some potential, but I'm thinking she's emotionally distant and enjoys random encounters, just got out of a LTR in the past couple of years, or is worried about growing old alone. Figure that out in due time, it sounds like the close is in the bag and just a matter of the place and the time.

    Could be an interesting experience for you, but over time the realities of age difference might kick in, or they might not. She's going to want to know if you want kids at some point, and if you're def. not, it could work as a relationship. But you have to build your own life and don't let her distract you from that. If you do, then she's going to be your sugar mama. Someone like that likes to call the shots and make the decisions, but you have to be direct with them in keeping some independence. Pros: she can do what she wants, when she wants and bring you with her. Cover the dinners, buy her a glass of wine, and she'll prob. cover everything else.

  3. Many women that age suddenly feel a huge need to relive their youth, or simply have fun after being a housemaker or wife for years.
    Subsequently they often just go for a FWB scenario or simple, uncomplicated fun.
    She is probably a cougar and just wants to use you for fun and sex.
    So either be yourself and go with the flow, and expect it to last a limited time.
    Or let it go.
    I think trying to "game" her is a bad move. You are already in, as I see it. All you need to do is either close the deal, or move on

  4. damn you guys are awesome. hit all the points i was looking for. personally i would love me a sugar mommy. she can pay for all my expenses while im going through school. im working on my bachelor degree in game engineering and computer jobs are slow, so im in need of some income. sdnightfly your right, age difference will definitely kick in at some point. im not looking for any commitment but you both are right. i think i need to get to know this girl better before i make any preconceived notions of her intentions. thanks so much guys, really appreciate all the feedback ! gonna go see her this weekend, she's talking about handjobs and road head. so i think im in for a fun weekend. i'll post the results next week.

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    You don't want to come off as a scrub and be dependent on her & have her pay your school off. If she wants to pay for fun time, cool, she understands that you're working towards goals and a future. She might even know people who could get you a foot in the door either for an internship or a small company, but keep in mind they can become things you "owe" her for and can become a guilt trip. Also, you can't care if she dates other people, and unless you plan on being with a LTR with someone else, don't discuss other girls you're dating. She sounds like she's down for potential threesomes and sounds like a fun person to go on road trips with.

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    Your situation isnt that uncommon, I'm doing the EXACT same thing right now only mine doesnt seem to be as wild. Be yourself and mutual conversation will develop naturally. Pay for a few things here and there and heres a golden rule: DO NOT GET CAUGHT CHECKING OUT YOUNGER WOMAN!

    Go with the flow, you cant control the age difference so dont let it ruin your fun.

  7. You can probably play coy/inexperienced (whether or not this is actually true; if it is then just be natural) and she will do most of the work to "seduce" you. I've had two relationships with much older women, and the one that sounds a lot like yours started that way.

    Hang out with her, talk about whatever, and go with the flow. Check back here after your first date if things don't seem to be moving along.

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