Strange reaction from a female coworker after giving her a nice package as a gift?
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    Strange reaction from a female coworker after giving her a nice package as a gift?

    I am working at a company and there is this receptionist who I really like , and her economic standards are kind of low. So I decided to give her a gift a couple of months before I leave this place.
    So I gave her a really nice package for about 500-700$ of a mp3 player and some jewelry...
    At first, she kind of got scared that her boss would figure out and he didn't. But still she thanked me deeply

    Then the day after, and out of the blues I have no access to her photo albums in facebook anymore...(we used to comment and make fun in some)
    I got really confused...and I really need an explanation.

    I won't ask her why because it's still her own privacy.

    And btw, one time I overheard her praising me to her friends (before i gave her the gift) and yes she is single...
    Plz help.

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    Why did you give a woman you've never fucked such an expensive gift? It scared her as she thought of you as a friend and you just made her feel bad by giving her so much. Don't try to buy pussy of affection.

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    I wasn't even thinking of such a thing...
    I was just trying to be Mr.Nice guy
    and why do people always think of money as a fuck exchange...?
    she isn't a whore y'know, and this isn't a low life street..its a freakin' huge company.

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    You tried to buy her affection to you.

    She knows it exactly, because lets face it if it was a guy friend sitting there on reception you would never consider to give him a gift. You want something from her and have your own agenda and she can see it.

    You did what every Mr.Nice guy would do, and as always it is backfired.

    You got pretty expensive lesson lol

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    Because what man gives a woman such a lavish gift unless he's trying to buy his way into her pants? what you did was very AFC and stupid. Nice guys finish last.

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    She used to give me the looks between all the receptionists, and a couple of times she bumps into me in a very WIDE space area "the copy machine" does those ingredients add anything to the scenario.

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    Those could be IOI. But instead of giving her a 500$ gift, you should have simply invited her out and got some one on one time. Maybe she liked you, but now you fucked it up and she thinks you're a wacko who's in love with her or some shit, fact is her answer is clear.

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    You spent $500-$700 on a gift. I'd just like to know what the hell kinda gift that was.

    I would never suggest jewelry as a gift to a woman you haven't banged and even then....

    Move on! If you try to sort it out, it might come out as you trying to get something in exchange for your gift.

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    Choisi, you seem to have gone quiet, I understand we were harsh on you but it was for your own good. It was too big of a gesture at the wrong time to give that girl that big of a gift. I think you might be better off spending your money on a bootcamp and understanding more about how to attract women for your personality and not your money. Put yourself in her shoes, your intentions may have been in the right place but it freaked her out. Immagine if someone you know a little, a coworker suddenly gives you a lavish gift for no apparent reason. Jewelry and such is nice, for your wife, on your anniversary.

    If you wanted to be nice, an invitation out to drinks or lunch would have been much more effective. Normally, I don't encourage people to shit where they eat (i.e. game at work) but you are leaving soon so maybe you could have done smaller gestures to get her attention. You could get in trouble for things like this. As for this woman, right now, I think you need to leave her alone. If she speaks to you, be nice and courteous but don't make a move of any sorts. You can at least salvage some of your reputation, because if she's the gossiping type, it will probably be passed around the office quickly.

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    Moved to Newbie from Relationships, as this is not a relationship.

    Also, she did not have a "strange" reaction, she had an appropriate one.

    You miss-read her pleasantness as interest. Clearly it wasn't. Live and learn.
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