cold mixed signals - help!
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  1. cold mixed signals - help!

    hey, been lurking here for a few days and decided to join the community hoping for help!

    met this amazing girl at a concert back in october. hit it off really well and number closed with her on the spot. she added me on fb and asked to meet up again -she's from sf- but i told her i was going to southern california for 6 months. she asked me to stop by sf on my drive to socal for lunch. i waited a few days and set up a couple hours where i could make it for lunch but she said she had class. *heres where i messed up* came across as desperate when i told her i would make time for her still and meet up but she never responded.

    i figured it was over and left it at that, but a few days ago she randomly texted me. i was confused so i asked her if it was a random hello or if she texted the wrong person. she said it was a random hello, so i tried to make small talk but she went cold again!!

    it'd be awesome to rekindle whatever we had going initially but im not sure if its a lost cause or if i can still work with this. any advice would be awesome!

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    Let the trail cool down a bit, and text her in a month or two. Wait a day or 2 to reply, and try and rebuild the attraction. Best that I could think of on this one.. Otherwise lesson learned go for the shots instead of getting the AA when she text's you.

    You definently showed her a lack of self confidence there by asking if she randomly hello'd you, or if it was a wrong number.

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