Pings - Funny SMS/text conversation gone wrong as posted on Facebook by random girl

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  1. Pings - Funny SMS/text conversation gone wrong as posted on Facebook by random girl

    The dangers of Pinging and not running solid game. I have no idea if the guy sending the messages was trying to do pu or just normal game but he was definately pinging her for responses.


  2. Can't open them up. Just post links?

  3. Posting again.


  4. OK, working now.

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    Lmao that's some funny stuff. That definitely wasn't game and was some of the worst afc stuff I've ever seen lmao.

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    That thing in the top-left hand corner of the jpg (to the left of the "3G"), is that the guy's name?

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    No that's the wireless carrier. On an iPhone the messages on the left is the other person. The messages on the right are the owner of the phone. The girl is on the right and posted this. Or it's totally made up...

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    that was horrible....its not you are just rude,insecure and ask 200 questions which shows needness. You def need to work on your ability to wait and be more chilled.
    By the way never call girl a bitch because that just shows that you dont know how to talk to them for future.
    Other than that easy up on questions and once you send a msg give girl 2 days to reply on it , not all of them reply straight away

  9. haha that was so funny.
    australian number.

    i feel like sending him a text asking him on his opinion of snobbs

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