Shows IOI's, voluntarily gave me her number, BUT has a boyfriend.
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    Shows IOI's, voluntarily gave me her number, BUT has a boyfriend.

    Ok, here's the deal. I met this awesome girl the other day, and we really hit it off; I had her laughing, and she was comfortable with me touching her and all of that. When we were about to go our separate ways, I asked her if she wanted to hang out this weekend. She said "I don't know" (a little hesitantly... I picked up on this).... "Here, you want my number?" She gave me it without me even ASKING for it. I know there's interest there.

    I text her a bit later saying that it was great to meet her, but I'd rather get to know her a little better before taking her out because she seemed uncomfortable when I asked her out. The next day, I get a text out of nowhere with her saying that this is really awkward and she shouldn't have given me her number because she has a boyfriend, so she can't offer me anything more than friendship.

    I KNOW there's serious potential here; the chemistry exists. My question is how I should proceed... go slowly as friends while still flirting around a bit? I have no doubt I can pull her... my father's major college girlfriend was dating someone else for a year before he came along and snatched her.


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    She blew me out. Case closed. Was pretty curt about it, actually.

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