Is deleting my ex girlfriend, who dumped me, a good move if I still like her?
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  1. Is deleting my ex girlfriend, who dumped me, a good move if I still like her?

    My ex gf dumped me. We were together for 8 months. Really fun, strong relationship but she dumped me for another guy who is well grounded in her new social circle (she joined a sorority and met some new crush).

    I have been no contact for about a month now. She has texted me a few times but I just ignore her texts because she is a game player and I can't know what her intentions are when she just sends me small, vague and friendly texts. She flirted with getting back together several times but then always conveniently decided to stay with the new guy so I decided to go no contact. She texted me one night at 130 AM asking if I was at work but I just ignored. IF I ever felt like she was really serious and sincere about getting back together then I would probably reply.

    Anyways, she is still my friend on facebook. Should I delete her? What would her reaction be? Will she see me as an angry child or will she see me as someone "more attractive" since I've clearly moved on.

    She told a friend of mine, after I repeatedly ignored her texts during this no contact period, that she was no longer with her new boyfriend but she is. She keeps her relationship status hidden from everyone. However, on the guys facebook it shows them as still together. lol. It's like she was trying to bait me into contacting her by saying that she was no longer with her new bf!!!!

    OR, perhaps she is THINKING of leaving him but wants to make sure I'm there for her when she does. She hates being single and obviously doesnt want to let go of one branch without already having a firm grasp on another.


  2. Delete & Block

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    I second that. Block and delete her number too.

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    Remove this manipulative girl and be happy you got away so easily.

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    This is the idea...

    First off, yes. Block her on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and any other online site that you two are involved in together. Keep far, far away from her. She's with another guy and you've even thought about keeping her as a "friend" on Facebook? Really?

    This is your motto:

    My life is so interesting, fun, fantastic and amazing that I genuinely don't have time for low-quality, uneeded people, like my ex. I'll keep progressing in my endeavors, moving forward, and holding a steady, firm mindset whilst remaining open to other women and exploring my newly found single life. If she contacts me, I'll ignore her at all costs - she's no longer a part of my life and I'll do and find better.

    Read that. Read it again and internalize it. Got it? Good.

    Women are naturally turned on by guys that know what they're doing. Essentially, you should've blocked her on all accounts at first so you didn't have any cloudy status updates or tweets to block your mental judgment of logical decisions. Right now, you feel as though she has the "power" because she dumped you. In order to reverse that role, you need to start legitimately working on yourself and working through your achievements rather than counting on her to come back to you everyday of the week. There are only positives when letting go of an ex to chase a better, more interesting life. You need to realize that, ultimately, you're the prize now because you were the prize then. Isn't it funny how much success you can muster up after a break-up if you really stick to self-improvement and going after other, more beautiful, funny, sexier women?

    If she asks you why you blocked her - tell her this:

    "I need to get myself back and start healing. The more I see you on Facebook/Twitter, the more it's holding me back. Maybe we can get back into contact one day, but for now I need to heal and move on."

    LEAVE IT AT THAT. Seriously...

    There ya go, done. If she starts seeking your attention again (breadcrumbs), ignore her. If she literally comes out and says she was wrong, wants you back, made a mistake, etc. then it's essentially your decision to go back or not. But honestly, do you want a woman back that left you for another guy? Because my standards would literally laugh at me had I taken such an uneeded piece of work back. But, we all have different views - that's just my theory.

    Good luck.

  6. I agree with what you just said except for the part about what I should say if she asks why I deleted her...

    Since we have been broken up for a total of 4 months now, shouldn't I at least ACT like I have already healed and moved on? For the first 3 months of the breakup she was still stringing me along...then finally during the last month I decided to go no contact.

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    It takes 3 months of no contact to begin to heal. Six months to really start doing things for yourself and about a year before you can say you're totally healed. Though you'll always have SOME level of emotion towards her. You have to go through the grieving process before you can heal.

  8. is not about theory, is about you and getting rid of her. no matter what she thinks, get that out of your system bro. do not act or pretend.

    do not justify yourself, do not give explanations to her.

    good luck

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    She hates being single and obviously doesnt want to let go of one branch without already having a firm grasp on another.
    Relationship jumper 101...STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! Not worth your time, delete, block and never talk to again. Don't waste your time on these kinds of chicks.

  10. Ok but I have unsubscribed from her so I can't see any of her updates or anything. So its like she is already deleted, but technically she is still on my list. What I am asking is... if I actually delete her, then she will become AWARE that I am not seeing her updates/pics/etc... so how will she take it?

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