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  1. Here's my honest review of "The Gentleman’s Guide To Online Dating"

    The Gentleman’s Guide To Online Dating by Derek Cajun is a 115 page ebook about how to get great results from Internet Dating.

    Love Systems almost always deliver high quality products as is the case here as everything is very well written and very well presented.

    Some of the things I learned from this product include:


    Having attractive women in your photos show that you aren’t desperate and that women generally like you which are great characteristics to display Try to keep these pics classy and if anything, make it seem like these women like you a lot but you are not as keen or desperate for them.


    Addressing a couple of the most common issues that women have with men in your profile is a great way to stand out from other guys and to make her feel comfortable messaging and dating you.


    Women are emotional creatures so it makes sense to appeal to her. For example, if she mentions she likes cooking in her profile, instead of sending her a relatively plain message like “that’s cool that you like cooking” send something stimulation like “U see that you like cooking but I’m sorry to say that ultimate cheeseburger that I cook at least once a week is twice as delicious as what you cook "

    Some of the other things that I learned from this product includes:

    • Camera tips to make you appear more attractive in your profile photos
    • Camera tips to make you appear more attractive in your profile photos
    • Solid opener messages to send girls that get very good responses
    • How to use Facebook to attract and screen women before meeting in person
    • An amazing questions game to make dates very sexual very quickly
    • How to write your profile in a way that makes her want to message you
    • How to correctly text and phone girls to arrange dates easily
    • And much more


    Overall, I consider the The Gentleman’s Guide To Online Dating to be an excellent product and I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to get better results at Internet Dating.

    5 / 5

  2. Well I have been something like this from a very long time. I must say that after reading the reviews of the book it seems to be an amazing book. I am planning to buy it as soon as possible. This will be the first time that I will be buying a book on dating advice. So if anyone else would like to give any suggestion regarding this book then you are most welcome. Hoping to see some good reviews soon.

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    You can do a lot of preparation, dude!

    I'd say this book is a great start!

    Nervous for your next date?

    Just try to be yourself and relax.

    Confidence comes from within if you really know who you are.

    People will love you if you're not faking it.

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    The testimonials are quite impressive and tempting. I tried other strategies too but it didn't work that much. Well, every woman has her own preference. We gotta be prepared!

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    Hi there. I bought the ebook recently, i found the material very interesting and it does give a lot of insignt but it doesnt seem to work with me. I created a profile on OKcupid trying to implement as much as i can the advices from Cajun's profile. So i ended up with a profile which is pretty much cocky but I'm not a cocky person, I'm more an LTR type of person and never really "dated" a girl, just had one 7y LTR that ended recently. I messaged around 30 girls with one of the funny openers in the bonus ebook, I got 0 reply. Not sure really if i have to change my personnality to fit the cocky type or change the profile and put in it more comfort material and less cockiness (with the risk of being boring like most guys, no ?). Any advise ?

  6. Derek Cajun is creepy, he suggests setting up fake dating profiles as women

    If acting like a creep fits into the author's "game" and gets him laid it's ok, which is funny since he tries so hard in the book not to be perceived as just another online dating creep, which is all he really is.

    Don't believe me? Here are two "dating site pro tips" quoted directly from the book:

    "Create a fake profile on a dating site pretending to be a woman. You’ll need to find some public domain pics of an attractive woman to do this legally. Peruse male profiles and when you see one that you think is a natural or simply very well done, like, favourite, or poke him and see what he sends you as a message. This can give you some valuable insights from naturals."

    "Here’s a trick if you live in a small town and have a couple friends to help you out. Three friends of mine did this in their hometown because there were only about 30-40 women on the dating site, and they would hardly respond since there were so many more guys. So they did an experiment and set up over 50 fake profiles of women, being very meticulous about making sure they seemed like real profiles and using attractive pictures. The guys would manage the fake profiles by answering messages and messaging dudes for about two weeks, long enough to get all their attention. Then they would message only the hot (real) women with their real profiles and end up getting responses since nobody else was messaging them. It worked!"

    Absolutely pathetic.

  7. Well this is an interesting book but I'm more of a boring kind of guy so I'm not sure if this work with me, it would be like creating someone who is not me and of course provided it will work but then it's like lying about your true personality. But I guess we all what we can to get notice these days.

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    All in all, I wouldn't just recommend this book, I'd consider it required. Online dating can be a scary place, and according to okcupid, a whopping 85% of men are rated as 1 star on okcupid by women. Meaning your odds of being considered as considerably less attractive than average by women are extremely high. If you just to go into that mess without a solid guide than you're a fool. Which may sound a little harsh, but lets face it unless your a model, if you want to get laid or meet cool people, you're gonna need some help standing out.

    Before and after for me were pretty drastic results. I never got a reply or even a wink, but now I get 3-7 messages a week from girls without any effort at all. Most of them are pretty decent, some of them are really cool, and occasionally one or two of them is really hot. Which is fantastic seeing is how it takes no effort at all. The really great thing about it is that while it doesn't always work on a girl, when it does work its ON. And often I can ask them out in the next message and their game.

    Couple of tips. Work on your pictures FIRST. I had crappy pictures up and I wasted so much time on the profile text that I wish I hadn't. Once I got good photos, than I was able to have a lot more luck with the text.

    Try to write it out when your in a good mood/just got laid, so you don't have as much as a needy vibe. Ask girls to read the profile in front of you so you can see which parts are good and which are bad.

    Cajun's profile is pretty cocky, but that doesn't mean you have to be. He talks a lot about how to evoke emotions and gives some samples, so there a lot of things you can say to appear interesting even if you haven't traveled the world. Hell, I've gotten more messages about my cat who doesn't bother people's allergies than I have about the fact that I have my own business! (Which btw, I never would have even thought to list if not for his book).

    Also, Cajuns guide is not just a great guide to online dating, its a nice little overview on what women want. And I found my real life game improve a little bit after reading it.

    As far as criticisms go, I really would have loved to see more sample profiles and more explanations on evoking emotions. As a super logical programmer type I still find myself struggling with how to do it. And while that is a big criticism, considering where I'd be without his guide, its pretty small in the scheme of things.

    OH, and I almost forgot! His question game is awesome! He tells you how to get laid on a date! How great is that! Its worth the price alone!

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    Oh, one other thing, I gotta say, Cajun really knows his shit. This guy actually watched his female friends as they read online profiles, and got an meaningful sense of what works and what doesn't. He saw in real time what made girls next guys and what got them intrigued.

    He's probably one of the few people who actually knows what he's talking about and isn't just "well this works for me, so you should copy it" and he gives you a sense for whats important to them and what to avoid.

    That knowledge is insanely valuable, and I'm glad he took the time to write it, because otherwise I probably would have sworn off online dating long ago as the place where only pretty people can date.

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    The guide is really well written and I was able to use it to attract quality women to my profile and get responses from them as well. The only problem I have is I lose a lot of these girls after a couple message exchanges so the only thing I would like added is more conversation examples using the different openers mentioned in the book because I don't really know where to take the conversation with a lot of the openers.

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