SMS Her??(Facebook cannot recognise)
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  1. SMS Her??(Facebook cannot recognise)


    I chatted up one tall HB7 and she gave me facebook and took my facebook.I came home and looked up in FB and I found three profiles on same name...two profiles are not hers as photos are profile -I am not sure if its hers or not as photo is not clear(I feel its not hers..I am 50-50)...I sent friend request to all three but got no response...I found her phone number on internet...How does it look if I SMS her?(Phone number seems to be hers as her number and address is close to the place I met her)...

    She have my FB but she didnot send request to me(may be because there are many profiles on my name)---

    How to do?

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    How'd you get her phone number and address from the internet? Sounds creepy. If you wanted her number you shouldv'e asked for it

  3. I asked for number...she gave me Facebook...

    in the country I live in,you can get phone number and address of anybody from internet if you know their fullname(we have yellow pages website online version)

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    If she gave you her facebook it's because she didn't want to give you her number. I would respect her wishes.

  5. Her Facebook trade vs the number signals she's likely going to be a wild goose chase, where you should move on to the next. If she gave in to the number that's a prospect!

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