do u guys think this is bad/degrading to my gf?
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  1. do u guys think this is bad/degrading to my gf?

    hey guys, long time lurker with my first post lol. i've learned a lot from reading a lot of the posts here. here's my dilemma i hope to get advice for...

    my gf and i live about 3 hours away from eachother. so that means we cant hang out at eachothers houses. we always do end up going on a dinner date at least once every friday or saturday every week. on the days we dont though, we have this spot we go to to have sex (we meet halfway), in her car (the only place we can have sex). im always the one to always ask her if she would like to go there, and she always says yes and enjoys the time we have in her car. the thing is, i feel bad coz it seems like im just calling her for booty call (which is definitely not true) since we dont even really have a date or dinner or whatever that night we have sex. we just meet up at the place, get something to drink or eat (coffee or pizza that we dont eat inside, but in her car) then head straight (with the food/drink) to her car to get... busy. is this okay for a couple? like, just meeting up for the night to have sex in her car. we do talk though while we're in her car and we're in there for almost 3 hours every time. she seems okay with it because she is always saying yes to meeting up and is enjoying the sex/time. i just dont know what long-term effects it has, if any. thanks for any advice

  2. I used to date a college girl who had to commute 2 hrs to school every day and had two parttime jobs. I worked 6 days a week. On the off chance we both had time to finally meet up we just wanted to have sex and then chat in the afterglow. It was great and the times I tried to do other things "Hey babe, lets watch a movie." were disastrous. Wait all week to see each other just to watch a f*ckin movie? Make your precious time count. If you are genuine and retain some alpha characteristics you can have all the sex you want with a girl, care about her, and not get accused of only being interested in sex. Make every moment count buddy.

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    If she's not complaining, don't worry about it. Maybe spend the money on a motel room here and there, but it sounds like she's making an effort to see you as much as she possibly can if it's meeting up every week and you live a few hours apart.

  4. thanks guys. i almost asked her last night how she felt about it. like, if she felt weird about it but i refrained from that. i think we'll continue doing it this way until the summer. she even told me she wished i lived closer to her so that she can just come over to my place everytime. im going to make this happen some day, whether she comes to my place or vice versa. even if it is a long ass drive lol

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    you should only be worried when she doesn't want to meet you... sex is sex no mater where it is and sounds kinda fun the thought of getting caught in the moment .

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