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    i have never encountered such a shy, awkward girl in my life. i'm thinking my main mistake was not being forward enough however...

    her IOIs were non-existent except that if i touched her she would respond - in a mirror fashion, almost as if she never was in a social dynamic before.

    her background story - living on a farm, didn't do nothing till 20.

    im seeing, listening already i should have been more forward, fuuuck, what a stuff up. i'm pissed off cos i made mistake i should have read the situation better earlier on.

    omg, this is becoming a venting post (is already), sigh

    im the social circle - i have ties, strong connections with her friends - she isn't here for long and she doesn't speak English.

    how do i communicate with a girl that doesn't spk english

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    Learn a few words of her language RIGHT NOW. Foreigners tend to be on social lockdown until you can fire a sentence or two at them- when they realize that you don't know more than a sentence or two, they find it endearing. It disarms them. I went and learned several entire foreign languages for women over the years, I gotta say, the foreign market is like an untapped oil field.

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