A Newb's Journey: Zskee Diaries

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  1. A Newb's Journey: Zskee Diaries

    Hello everyone! This will be my diary as I try to progress my PUA skill.

    Yesterday was my first attempt at pick up. I was at a club down in Baltimore and went to club which played a lot of funk music. I chose this venue because:

    • I knew a lot of my friends who were gonna be there including the DJ, so I thought this could lead to using them as social proof (ie hey! meet some of my cool friends lolz)

    • Since I am a bboy (breakdancer) I could show off my skills as a way to DHV.

    Girl 1

    Anyways, I walk into the club and there was a dancing circle already there. I noticed this really cute Asian chick standing with her friend at the edge of the circle and immediately talk to her. My conversation went something like this:

    Me: "So you're going to jump into the circle soon right?"

    Her: "Hahahaha, no I'm not a dancer! Are you a dancer?"

    I couldn't believe my luck! My set hooked! Yes!

    Me: "Well, what do you think?" Smirk

    Her: "hahaha, I don't know."

    Me: (I extend out my hand for a hand shake) "I'm Zskee btw, whats ur name"

    Her: "I'm (we'll call her Hannah) Hannah. Do you come to this club often?"

    Me: "Only when the music is good."

    Her: "haha, so you're a student?" (ioi, laughing at my less than par joke)

    Me: "Well....I'm....complicated" (I tried to give non-straight answers as Roissy on his blog said that girls hate straight answers)

    Her: *smiles back*

    From here, I blanked the fuck out and talked about where she went to school and stuff. And then I said well excuse me to put my coat away. I didn't go back to talk to her that night.


    She left with her other cute Asian friend shortly after cause they were bored. She was the cutest girl at the club that night.

    The rest of the night I made another attempt but it didn't fare well. I am going to set short term goals for myself for my next set of attempts.

    Next Short Term Goal: do a routine to DHV


  2. So yesterday me and zman decided to hit Adams Morgan for some sarge session. We went really early so the first couple of bars we hop to, there weren't many girls. 11:30 hit and now this whole street place is starting to be bumpin. It was also one of my dance crew mate's 21 bday so we caught up with them later.

    The first girl I approached was this asian chick and I completely flunked asking basic boring questions. zman pointed out that I needed to take more of the leading role by teasing her, being more interactive, and asking less questions. I definitely gave up too easily as well. zman made a move to one of the asian chick's gf and wow, dude is smooooothhh. He started to swing dance with her and tease her and all that jazz. Man I wish I was smooth like that.

    We bar hop to the next venue. By this time, my other friends have joined our crowd. Me and one of my friends started talking to a set to two girls. He was macking on this dark asian chick while I was entertaining her white best friend. I played my race card game and it hooked! I had her spinning for my attention and what not! Felt so awesome! I also ran the Style's best friend routine on her and boy oh boy, worked like magic! When I reflect back at the interaction, I spent too much time in the attraction phase and didn't move into comfort. I didn't even escalate kino. Additionally, I was fidgeting too much when I talk which made me look like a court jester. No number close there.

    I started talking to another girl, only to find out she has a bf (shucks) and moved onto another set. I think I didn't build enough attraction with this new girl. After talking to her for awhile. The interaction went like this:

    Me: "You seem like a cool girl. Let's exchange numbers."

    Her: We can hang out if we meet here next time.

    Me: Well you can increase that chance by typing your digits. *handed her my phone*

    Her: *Types 411*

    Me: *Blown Sauce*

    Oh well, this is just one of the many nights to come. Until next time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zskee View Post

    Him: "So uhh, why aren't you dancing?"

    Her: "No."

    Him: *Gets up and leave*

    lolz Gonna be a long journey (and I mean that for us both)
    Lulz! I HAD a moment like this once. I opened a girl sitting down. She was caucasian and obviously spoke english, and she replied "I don't speak english!" she gave me a fake smile. I had the intuition to know she shot me down instantly.
    I was lost for words a bit and replied with a nod, "That's ok, I understand."
    She replied, "Yeah, okay. Bye now."

  4. Okay so me and zman hit up this super asian lounge in DC yesterday cause it was one of my girl's bday at the venue. After downing a drink I decided to make my move. I was chilling at the bar and there was a chick dancing right in front of me. I did my usual opener. A girl would usually respond to my opener by laughing but this chick reacted more like "meh, meh, meh" so no bite. I pushed on by running my race card routine and her response was still with the same tone: "mehhhh". While I was chatting her up I noticed that she was constantly eyeing this dude standing right next to me while talking. Turns out they were friends and they were going to a prestigious school. I responded saying "Oh, so you guys are like brainiacs" I thought it was a pretty funny response but I think my tonality, facial expression, and my body language wasn't in line with the delivery of my joke so the dude gave me a stink/confused look and gave the girl the same expression. *Blow out*

    I don't why but for some reason that last interaction just busted my confidence and I didn't make another approach for like 30 min. Zman gave me some words of inspiration and with that, I moved on to my next target. She blew me out by lying that she had a bf. Moved onto a three set near the bar and no bite either. Towards the end of the night I found a girl by herself at the bar and chatted her up. This time, it hooked. I was doing really well and definitely pecked her interest. She invited me to go for a smoke outside, and.....I stupidly declined saying sorry I don't smoke. FML. Rookie ass mistake.

    Overall, I was really disappointed in my performance tonight. I am looking forward to next week for some redemption.

  5. Friday Night:

    Went to a popular bar in DC. My goal was to approach at least 10 girls. My first girl hooked (she was with a friend which zman winged), and we reached 20 minutes of interaction. Then something funny happened. Zman wanted us to take the girls to a different part of the bar. But I interpreted it as, "Lets go to a different part of the bar and ditch em". So I tell my girl we had to go, and got her number. Gentlemen, another Rookie-ass mistake made by yours truly. I texted her later but that led nowhere unsurprisingly. I approached 11 sets total that night but came up empty handed.

    Saturday Night:

    Went to a very popular club in DC. Had no clue that a very famous rave DJ was gonna play so most of the peeps there were there for the concert. Met a very sweet Californian girl but she was just crazy about raving and was there for the concert. Can't compete. It was just blow out after blow out after blow out after that.

    I went out day gaming also today with zman. I definitely need to learn the ropes first prior to doing that though. Overall, and okay weekend of sarging. More to come later!

  6. Friday Night:

    Went to a really ghetto club in DC. There were very few targets to hit and unfortunately, all these targets were the best looking of the bunch so their ego was off the charts. I had one successful opener but the thing was that again, I gave up too easily and I let it go away. I need to work harder in this area. It was a blow out after blow for a while. I did managed to open this one girl and I practiced giving some of my DHV stories. We bounced to another club but I didn't do so well considering that it was already 1 in the morning and I was getting mad tired and sleepy.

    Saturday Night:

    This particular night I was at the club I bounced to the previous night before. As soon as I step into the club some random girl recognized me! I didn't recognize her though. I got my free drink (it was open bar) and started talking to her and her friends. It was a great way to start the night cause it got me in a conversational mood. From there on out, I started to open sets here and there. The problem here is again, I am giving up too easily in many of my sets that actually opened.

    This night, I was particularly proud for maintaining a strong frame in some of my sets. I remember this one girl I was talking to, she was dancing and bouncing around the dance floor. If I was my old self, I would have been so excited that this girl is actually digging me and I would have lost it in a heartbeat. Instead, I maintained my self-control by planching my stance and boy did it make a difference. One thing I failed to do however was to keep things going and so eventually, the interaction staled (granted she was with 5 of her girlfriends and it was hard to manage that when it was just me). I also practiced body rocking this night. I must say body rocking works wonders and it is definitely something I need to work more on.

    The HIGHLIGHT of my night however was this very very funny incident that happened on the third floor on the club. As I walked up the third floor I saw these two girls dancing face to face. As I was walking past them, a dude standing nearby them taps me on the shoulder and says "Dude, these girls are lesbians! I will give you 5 bucks if you can get their number." A huge grin came across my face. Challenged Accepted!! I tap her on the shoulder of the girl on the left and said my usual opener. Suddenly, the girl on the right pushes me and says, "Back off! She is myyyy bitch!" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLZ

    Although I have had alot of fun at this club, I must say this environment is wayyyyy too loud. It's so hard to game when you constantly have to repeat what you say 3 times in a row and your target is dancing at the same time. I am going to a quieter bar/club next weekend.

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    I don't think women hate straight answers but I could be wrong. Imo the best way to answer 'what do you do' is what mystery proposes, which is go with :

    when I was a child I was really into x
    then as i grew older i did y and z
    and now I'm a blah blah something impressive (but true). Also I would never ask a girl her name (boring + why does she want to give you personal information 3 seconds after meeting u) and definitely not during attraction. getting to know each other is for comfort

  8. Yeah I tried that too, giving a long-ass answer when a girl asks me what I do for a living - it's stupid and doesn't work. I had a lot better results with Magic Bullets (and 11 Essentials)

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    Zskee...you should come out with us next time I go out with Zman, or come out in Baltimore this thursday! PM me, I think I lost your # on my phone -_-

  10. So okay here we go:

    Went out with the infamous Grimbo for a Thursday night outing. We arrived around 12:30 am and I started approaching girls left and right. I used direct openers in all sets and was pretty much getting blown out every set. This was the first time I saw Grimbo approaching girls in mixed sets, wingmaning, and dancing. lolz I must say Grimbo is smooth, except in dancing. LOLZ One day I am going to reach that level.

    Going out that night made me realize that I really need to start over from scratch and take it one step at a time. I need to learn how to effectively give indirect openers and get to the hook point. So for the next couple of weeks (about 4 weeks), I am just going to work on Opening and Transitioning. I'll see where I am at the end of those 4 weeks and readjust as needed.

    Funny story. My wing and I had a plan to go to this club in DC and he accidentally overslept. I took the time to go out by myself and man, finding the motivation to approach was at a nill. I didn't want to completely waste my night so I looked up some bars that my good friend suggested for meeting people. I think I have found alot new spots to practice.

    Another funny story. This time, we went mad late to the clubs in DC. We got turned down at the venue we originally wanted to go to. The only place where we could get in was this shady looking club that was isolated from all the rest of the other bars/clubs. When we walked in, turns out it was huge Dub-Step concert. The girls we approached there were either high, drunk, or probably both. My wing approached some girls and in each approach, the girl asked if he had E or coke. LOLZ Very disappointing night from a pick up perspective but very fun night nonetheless.

    Went day gaming with Grimbo. This was my first time day gaming where I actually made multiple approaches. Grimbo threatened to punch me in my balls if I don't approach so I had to do it. I did like 6-8 sets but damn I sucked. lolz Anyways, this is only the beginning so lets roll.

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