A few questions...
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  1. A few questions...

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, but I figured I might be able to gain some insight about myself.

    I'm not a tall guy, I'm only 5'5", but I work out to keep myself fit. Which in turn causes me to like wearing shirts that fit me, nothing too tight. I don't really talk that much, I'm one of those guys who will sometimes talk and sometimes just listen. I have also been told that I'm good looking. Which may or may not be related to my questions.

    So my questions are, girls look at me, but if I catch them. They look away like they weren't looking, I understand what this is supposed to mean. However, how can this always happen? They never really engage me in a conversation, only so few in so many. Most of them are just kinda quiet around me. I know the male is supposed to start the conversation, but the female to male ratio in my classes are so skewed towards females. So it causes some awkwardness when everyone is quiet. Then there are some dudes out there who look at me with some contempt in their eyes.

    I'm in college now, so I figured I should start the dating process. So I'm just wondering if anyone could give me some insight?

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    Personally i think just talking more gets girls, cause some girls are just naturally friendly, that have hot friends ya know? haha so just talk more be funny but not overly funny.

  3. Just talk to them. Let me phrase it like this. I know this kid called Michael. Michael is a douche. He is skinny, unattractive, about 5'8 and has a shit personality. He still gets girls. He simply plays the number game. If his success rate is 1/50 all he needs to do is talk to 50 girls to get with one of them. I bet your chances are higher than his.

    So often did I used to see these girls and think they either didn't notice me or aren't interested. But when speaking to them found them highly receptive. They are probably trying to just look cool.

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