Question of Earrings
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  1. Question of Earrings

    I used to wear small hoop earrings with long hair and a beard, which worked for my look at the time, which was a rocker-style johnny depp look.

    I have changed my style to short hair and a goatee and I'm more well-dressed (I'm almost always in some sort of collared shirt, often on the dressy side) which presents me with this conundrum about whether to wear the damned hoops anymore. I already run the risk of looking gay by wearing buttoned down shirts, which I don't want to compound with wearing earrings.

    I was thinking of maybe leaving out earrings on dressier days and putting them in when I wear more conservative getups (i.e. a solid polo or just a t-shirt).

    What are you PUAs' thoughts on this?

    P.S. Hoops are riskier, but where I am, douchebags have ruined the diamond stud

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    There is no universally attractive look. Some women love long hair, some are repelled by it. Same for short hair, and any of a number of other styles. Consult men's fashion magazines for whatever the "in" version of you is.

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    Post some pics so we can see how they look. It's difficult to say.

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