POF Messages not sending
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    POF Messages not sending

    Using the same headline for multiple messages and a basic template that I tailor for the girl in the body... I've noticed this happening before where after a while the message stops sending (doesnt appear in your sent folder)

    Has anyone encountered this or done any testing on how different you need to make things to get over it?


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    It's likely because you have a word they flagged as profanity "cock" "Fuck" etc, and therefore your message will not send (as confirmed by not seeing it in your sent messages folder). Yet at the same time, you probably see that after you click send, it says "Your message has been sent".

    That screwed me around for a while until I found the word "cocky" in my message was setting that system off.

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    HAHA!!... awesome... it was the word cocky!... thanks dude !

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