Fantasy Stripper Routine - 4th Chakra Missing Sister

This s a fantasy routine that hasn't been field tested, but it illustrates the summation of my thinking on what winning stripper game might look like.

You walk in the club in your best macho quasi-biker leather look. You're cool.

You spot the stripper you want. You go up to another stripper and ask the name of the stripper you want to approach. Do it so the stripper you are asking points at the stripper you want to approach first before you do. The reason will be apparent later. Lets say the one you are interested in is named "Diamond'. You want to say something like "hey, what's the name of that dancer by the bar over there, I think she's a friend of my sister's". But don't point. Let her point in case Diamond is looking. Now you also have to ask the stripper you are talking to when Diamond is going to be dancing. Thats because you don't want to be interrupted when you are talking to her by her having to leave and go pole dance.

Then go over to Diamond and ask "are you Diamond? They said you're the one I should talk to. I have something really important to ask you, come on lets go over here where its less noisy." You want to move her to show her you are in charge.

Then when you get her to a quiet corner of the club, you explain that you are from a town about two hours away and you are looking for your little sister who is only 16 years old and who ran off last week with a biker and you heard she was dancing using a fake ID. You have a picture of a random 16 year old on your phone to show her. You tell her that when you find her you are taking your sister back to high school where she belongs even if you have kick this biker dudes ass to do it. When she says she hasn't seen her, you ask for her phone number so you can call and check in a couple of days.

Now you say "thank you, thank you so much Diamond, let me give you a hug of appreciation."

When you hug her you say, "wow, that is so wierd." When she says "what?" you say "let me check something." Then you go behind her and place your hands at various spots on her spine and then say, "that is so unusual, your fourth chakra has less energy than your seventh. You almost never see that." "Do you feel tired sometimes" (strippers are always tired because of the weird hours they work).

Then you say, "OK, the best way to know for sure is to exchange some energy between us and see if the balance changes. This is going to sound really weird but kissing is the best and quickest form of energy exhange to change the chakra balance. I'm not really attracted to you but we both have to pretend that we are extremely attracted to each other for this to work. Like pretend I'm your boyfriend and we are in bed for the first time making out. It won't take long to see if the energy level changes. Then you kiss her. Little tongue. Go on for a while. If she breaks it say "just a little more to be sure."

Then you go back and feel her spine and say, "yeah, its definite I can feel the change."

Then you say look, there is a special massage technique I learned at the ashram in India that would readjust your chakras and you would have so much more energy. Tell you what, after you get off work stop by my hotel room and I'll do the adjustment. It won't take long. Its the least I can do for the help you've given me.

Then tell her you have to go check some other clubs for your sis.

If she shows up at your room tell her she has to take her blouse and bra off for it to work right. Then give her a really sensual back massage. You can ham it up with aauums or uuuummm or whatever mystic BS you want. Then when you have her tingling, tell you have to kiss again to check the energy exchange. Tell her when there is no change after the kiss then the adjustment is complete. And you know what happens then.

Give her the best sex of her life and considering the way they blab their mouths at the club you might start getting texts from other hot strippers for a chakra adjustment as well.

And you are set up for the next time. You can text her that you found your sister and give her a big story of how you kicked this bikers ass after this big battle and rescued your little sis.

Now if any strippers come up and try and get you to buy a lap dance while you are in the middle of your routine then you can run the "weird ass routine" on them.

Thats where after they ask you for a lap dance you say "yeah baby that sounds hot, but let me take a look at you first" then spin her around and say "oh crap, your ass looks weird." Play it up. Get down there and take a good look look and say "what in the world ... ?" Then say, "hey, tell you what, why don't you buy me a drink and I'll show you some exercises you can do to correct that." Then you can run chakra on her.

This is just to illustrate my thinking on strippers. It would be unethical to use it on a standard babe. But since strippers lie all the time I wouldn't consider it unethical on them. Fair is fair. Even if they knew you were playing them they still might go along because game recognizes game and no one else has the balls to game them like that.