Vol. 72 Gaming Conservative Girls (Future, Starlight, and Mr. M)

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    Vol. 72 Gaming Conservative Girls (Future, Starlight, and Mr. M)

    Some girls you approach will be very free with their sexuality and others will be more conservative, which may be due to religious beliefs, culture, or being raised in a strict household. Many guys prefer to go after conservative girls as they are often attractive due to their innocence/pureness, more suitable candidates for long-term relationships, or simply a good challenge. Conservative girls may come off as tough nuts to crack at first, but they all want to be cracked. On this interview, Future, Starlight and Mr. M reveal the secrets to finding the "blueprints" of conservative girls in order to seduce them and at the same time, give them a better understanding of themselves.

    Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

    • What is the definition of a conservative girl?
    • What is the appeal of conservative girls?
    • Where do you find conservative girls?
    • How do you approach conservative girls?
    • How do you overcome the obstacles that conservative girls present?
    • What are some strategies to get conservative girls in bed?

    Quotes From The Interview

    "What she wants the world to believe and what she might even believe about herself does not necessarily correlate with what her vagina responds to"

    "With conservative girls, the absence of a red light is often what you need to take as a green light to keep moving forward"

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    At 48min its not the longest interview but this one is all about quality over quantity, where's most interviews to date have always been 2 LS instructors this one has 3 so you get that extra insight.

    I listened to this interview last night and the topic is a very interesting one, the 3 instructors talk early on about the appeal of the challenge of gaming conservative girls.
    The topic of conservative girls in this interview covers Asian girls a lot as they do tend to be very conservative, they then move to the more religious type of girl and the girl thats been brought up within a more close household and will also tackle the logistics of gaming a girl who is still living with or around family.

    It was a really good interview and I learned a lot from the things they covered like public shows of affection/kino and I liked how they also tackled a few misconceptions about the sexuality of conservative girls.

    My favourite quotes form this interview are...
    "What a girl says and how she acts and is willing to do are 3 different things and that will require a bit of practice to get a handle on"
    "Women have a much darker side to their sexuality that men don't give them credit for"
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    This interview was infinitely entertaining and moderately useful.

    If Future ever retires from Love Systems, I’ll pay him for foreign accent lessons. That was hilarious!

    During this interview they give a good general framework for gaming conservative girls, but it’s not the type of interview where you need to rewind to make sure you don’t miss anything.

    The instructors spend a little bit too much time talking about how gaming conservative girls just means you need to calibrate differently. Sure, anybody who’s studies this stuff knows it already. I’d personally prefer more examples of good and bad calibration – for every interview.

    The one pearl I thought was money was Future’s Christianity destroyer. He frames sexuality and sinning in the best most non judgmental way possible, and you kind of hit yourself on the head saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” To be honest that one routine is probably worth the $25 I spent.
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