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  1. Project Amsterdam: Elite wing group

    06-26-2011, I started Project Amsterdam.

    Project Amsterdam is a close group of people with high quality game skills.
    We go out once a week in Amsterdam, usually Friday or Saturday, in order to have fun and practice game.

    Two project Amsterdam members became Love Systems instructors, Erik Royale and Jasper. Two members have become Love Systems AC's, 'Christiaan', 'Aarnub' and have assisted on LS bootcamps with multiple instructors and are very experienced coaches as well.

    We are with 10 members at the moment. Some members go out every week and others have girlfriends, travel, work and do LS coaching professionally and hence don't go out as much anymore as they used to, when they joined Project Amsterdam. We are always interested in new potential members.

    If you want to join, pm our project manager 'Yogi B'. Many applications will be rewarded with an invitation. People, who are invited, can become guests and will then be monitored for 4 to 8 weeks. If they work hard to improve themselves, during these 4 to 8 weeks, they will get an assessment to become member of our group.

    It is most important that you are a passionate, fun, social and enthusiastic person. Game is of secondary importance, since people who join our group will improve rapidly. We're not, however, looking for people who are typical bootcamp candidates. It's not a free bootcamp :-). You have to have read magic bullets, the triad model and be able to open reasonably well.

    You must live in Amsterdam (no exceptions) in order to practice regularly with us.


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    4 more weeks and I'll be there!

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    hey man i am from dordrecht and have a car if i can join your group i want 2 come

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    hey christiaan,

    yes i can be there need some tips on parking there but yeah

  5. Could you write me a short pm with some more personal info and your game level?

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    currently Birmingham/UK

    Are there still spots available? I am very interested!

  7. not very many, but you can write me a pm if you are motivated

  8. Hey guys I am visiting amsterdam the week of April 20th . Can I join you guys . I have no clue where to go for sagging or day game .

  9. nope

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    I'll be taking care of the invites for now.

    I've been a member of this group since the very beginning. The group is getting pretty full, but if you're interested do not hesitate to send a PM.

    - AB

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