I am starting P90X with a keto diet
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    I am starting P90X with a keto diet

    I am going to post about it from day 1-90 here. I always seem to bitch out after a bit, but I figure the Grimbo Chronicles helped me keep honest about it, this should help as well!

    I give you guys permission to humiliate and degrade me if I try and bitch out on here. Thanks in advance guys. I start Day 1 at 0530, after I have my breakfast.

    Day One and Phase One Starts today:

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    Day One:Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

    Standard Push Ups: 20

    Wide Front Pull Ups: 3. (Very Discouraging, could pump out 15 before. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my pullup bar fell down on me halfway through, I need a more stable spot.) Will focus on this.

    Military Push Ups: 20. (At least I can still murder push ups )

    Reverse Grip Chin Ups: Gutted out 8. Chair was a reasonable distance away. (I added a chair here, so I can get some good reps in)

    Wife Fly Push ups: 10 (Muscles are starting to die, shitty muscle endurance)

    Close Grip Overhand Pull ups: 10.

    (Stopped here for quick break, as I skipped the first water break and decided it would be in my best interests to take one)

    Decline Push Ups: 13. Rest break did me some good it seems.

    Heavy Pants: No weights or bands for it, had to skip.

    (Skip the water break as i just had one)

    Diamond Push Ups: 10 (I got as close as I could, definently not in a diamond shape though)

    Lawnmowers: Had to skip, as I lack the weights and bands. (Mental note, go buy some fucking dumb bells)

    Dive Bomber Push Ups: Bad back and hip, I subsituted with military push ups. 15.

    Back Flys: Again, no weights. (I noticed here, the girl in the video has a very nice ass...just saying)

    (Skipped Water Break as I didnt do all the exercises)

    Wide Front Pull Ups: 7. (My back hurts...its a good burn. The bad burn is my calluses got ripped off.)

    Standard Push Ups: 11. (Hit Muscle Failure)

    Reverse Grip Chin Ups: 8. (Going to move Chair farther back soon, want more of a challenge.)

    Military Push ups: 11. (Muscles are failing even more, and military push ups are my strength.)

    (Water Break)

    Close Grip Overhand Pull ups: 8. (Chair was farther than before, I nearly fell though, Thank God for my cat like reflexes :P)

    Wide Fly Push ups: 5. (I started to wide and my arms just gave in. I could crank five out with an effort)

    Heavy Pants: I need to go buy dumb bells.

    Decline Push ups: 3. (I am hitting complete fail. Its a good workout)

    (Skip Water Break)

    Lawnmowers: (Buy some dumb bells you cheap ass mother fucker)

    Diamond Push Ups: Muscles are at fail. Got 2.

    Back Flys: (No Weights)

    Dive Bomber Push Ups: 10 military push ups.

    First day of Chest and Back Done.

    I have wrestling later today, so i will get my ab work and cardio work in there.

    Notes And Observations today:

    - Listening to Avenged Sevenfold while working out > Listening to Tony Horton while working out.

    - I am out of shape, and I am going to get back into it.

    - I am following a keto diet, with all my supplements as well.

    Meals today:

    breakfast: 4 Hard Boiled Eggs, 2 Cheese Sticks

    Lunch: Chicken Breast, Cottage Cheese, and Cheese Sticks.

    Dinner: Chicken Breast, Cottage Cheese, and Protein Shake.

    Supplements taken: Whey Protein, Fish Oil, GNC Oxy Elite Pro, and some metabolism Stuff.

    **Additional Notes**

    My "eight key" is broken, so if you see a missing # that is why.

    - My gf better appreciate this better body I am getting

    Heres to a good first day...

    - Grimbo

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    Day 2: Plyometrics

    Im sore from day one and wrestling practice. Time to push through the pain. Got a black eye from my Russian nemesis yesterday in practice. Day gaming with that is gonna be a challenge.

    Easy so far. 10 minutes in. No problems except with my hip on the kicks (gotta love what muay thai did to me)

    (Water Break...skipped)

    (37.42 lft)

    Getting tired now.

    I underestimated Plyometics I must say. That was a tiring workout.

    - Grimbo

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    Day 3: Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X

    I cheated on keto and my diet hardcore today. Grimbo needs to man up!!

    I managed to acquire two dumb bells, I only have 2 10 lb weights for each though. That means I have about 30 lbs on the dumb bells. I will make due with what I got!!

    Alternating Shoulder Press: 10 each arm. This is gonna be a long work out.

    In and out Bicep Curl: 8 reps

    Two Arm Tricep Kick backs: I cant do that with the current weight I have on there. Doing Chair Dips as a sub. 10x

    (Repeat That Sequence)

    Deep Swimmers Press: 10x (Feels light, I need more dumb bells)

    Full Supination Concentration Curl: 10x

    Dips: 10x (lifted legs for this, one leg up every 5 reps)

    (Repeat that sequence)...I added bicep curls to the swimmer press....killed my biceps

    (Short Water Break)

    Upright Row: 10x

    Static Arm Curl: 8x

    More Dips: 10x

    (Repeat) Biceps are dying out on the Static Curls.

    I dont know how to do these next exercises (I lost the DVD, and am following book directions, so I am doing simple versions)

    Seated Shoulder Press: 10x

    Bicep Curls: 8x

    Dips (lol): 10x

    (Repeat) (Biceps Failed completely...wont go up.) This workout kicks ass!

    Ab Ripper time.

    As a bonus I ran downstairs to my pull up bar to crank out as many as I could. Only one. My back is sore still, but that is no excuse. Time to go get my protein.

  5. Mad props for starting this, P90X will kick your ass in the best way.

    However, as someone who tried and failed about half way in last semester, I can tell you what to watch for:
    -Over time, you'll probably come to love P90X. However, the one thing that's impossible to love is how much of your day it takes up (especially yoga). You'll need to manage your schedule (especially as midterms and finals crop up) in order to avoid that monster from the depths of hell: 3AM Plyo.
    -Try and find someone to do it with. It helps a lot, especially when you think an exercise can't be done and then see that your partner is doing it right. Again, scheduling can be hard, but it can be done if you're both commited enough.
    -Know your weaknesses. I always had trouble with Saturday workouts because I'd be hungover from the night before. Eventually, when my schedule started to get out of wack, I adjusted it so that Saturday was my rest/Stretch day. That fixed everything.
    -If you start to miss going to the gym, you can print out the worksheets and go do your resistance workouts there.

    One last thing that it pains me to say: Know when (and how) to give up. P90X requires a total of two hours out of EVERY day. As a college student, it's important to maintain priorities and realize when something is cutting too much into study time. I stopped last semester not because I couldn't keep up, but because my grades began to slip as a result of having 10 hours less study time each week (I also had a lot of hard classes, so this semester I don't anticipate as much of a problem). You can also cut certain workouts if you don't want to give up entirely (although for each workout you remove, reserve that day as a rest, you dont want to do certain days back to back).

    I'm actually starting P90X back up this coming week. From one P90Xer to another, Bring It!

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