Future Breakthrough Comfort - New York, October 2011

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  1. Future Breakthrough Comfort - New York, October 2011

    My background: I'm intermediate level, have taken a LOT of bootcamps with a lot of companies. At Love Systems, I've taken bootcamps with Fader, Future and Jeremy Soul/Nick Hoss. ALL were worth doing and worth the money. At Fader's bootcamp and also at Future's, I took TONS of notes (maybe 30 pages worth at Fader's), and looking back at those notes a year or two later, I am AMAZED how much great stuff both those instructors streamed at us--like a firehose of information.

    Anyway, I had read very good things about Future's "Breakthrough Comfort" seminar as well, so decided to take that too.

    There are several reviews for this seminar in this forum, I suggest you do a search for them and look through several. I just did the same, and I agree with the general sentiment they express (very positive).

    Be aware, this is a class for people at an INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED LEVEL. If you still have tons of approach anxiety, or still can't really handle yourself pretty well in a conversation or on a date, this class is not (yet) for you.

    For those who have reached that level, if you can afford it, I would DEFINITELY recommend this class. Future is very, very smart; really knows his stuff and wants to share it with you. The content of this class can be summed up, as others have said, as "How to make a girl fall in love with you." This is obviously not something to use on some drunken girl you've just met at a nightclub, but for a girl you really care about, that you want to get into a real relationship with, it's great stuff, and I can tell you from personal experience, it's definitely helped me deepen my relationships with women.

    And by the way, if you a looking for a great one-on-one coach, I highly recommend Future for that, as well. This guy is SOOOO smart, you won't regret it. He lives in New York City, and even if you don't, I suggest going there for the coaching. The density of women in New York is so great, you can get a ton of "bang for your buck" by getting your coaching there--there's just more opportunities to practice there than anywhere else.

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    Thanks, Michael, and congratulations on your recent success. Considering the depth of your training, your kind words mean a lot. We've been good about this, so I don't need to remind or encourage you, but do stay in touch!
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    "I thought I knew everything there was to know about women. I've been around a while and met a lot of people through my various social circles. After sitting through Future's workshop, I am absolutely speechless. Between his energy, his obvious love of what he does and for his students, his relentless humor (you may want to bring Depends to class), and of course his airtight game, I don't think I've ever been more impressed with a teacher. Ever. If you have any doubts as to whether or not you should take a Love Systems workshop with Future, let me allay them right now. Take my word for it. Or go to Hell."
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