Need Stripper game advice..... thrown for a loop.
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  1. Need Stripper game advice..... thrown for a loop.

    I have dated a couple different strippers in my time..... but this one has thrown me off.

    I met her off match and had no clue that she was a stripper. We talked for a couple weeks and coudn't meet up because of the holiday craziness.

    She tells me that she had to make some money so she took a job at a strip club as a waitress. Last weds night, I was out and she was texting me.... wanted me to watch her dance. She sent me a pic.... I went... didn't hardly watch her and was basically ho-hum about it.

    After her shift..... we went out to eat at Ihop and talked til 4:30 am. We have talked several times and she couldn't meet up because she was sick. We are suppose to meet up tommorrow night.

    She is working tonight..... and sent me a nude pic via text....

    How do I respond..... or do I just ignore?


  2. There seem to be two possibilities. The first is that she is looking for a legit boyfriend on Match. The second is that she is trolling for suckers to lure to the club to increase her income.

    She's already lied to you telling you she is a waitress when it turns out she is a stripper. There is a big difference. Second, she seems to be using excuses like being sick.

    You can talk to strippers for hours. It means absolutely nothing. Keep in mind that they spend eight hours a day talking to guys and become geisha like "renaissance" women able to converse on about any topic. In fact one stripper I was with told me she really likes learning about so many different things from the men she meets at the club. They can discuss anything from the current status of internet porn to the time they gave Quentin Tarrantino a lap dance.

    She might be sizing you up as a potential cash cow. Women become strippers mainly and exclusively for the money. The greed of some of these babes is phenomenal. They don't want to work a low paying job. And they normally pretend like they have to strip just to make ends meet. Thats so they can start hitting you up for cash later when they get you emotionally hooked. Their car broke down. The rent's due. The power is off in the middle of winter. They need a boob job. There are a million variations of the scam. Some will even have sex with you just to lock you in. Most use a technique I call "hot-cold fever". This is what is behind the takeaways used in standard pickup. They will be hot and then cold and unavailable. It creates an intense emotional addiction. Normally when they are not available it just means they are playing another chump or spending time with their boyfriend. And when she has you hooked sufficiently she's ready to start extracting the cash. My point being is that you can waste a lot of time and sometimes even get laid but its all part of her game.

    That said, my recommendation is that you take FADERs bootcamp and get the IVS download on strippers. Thats the shortest path to success. I would take the course myself but I am stuck at home caring for a sick relative.

    The only thing I have found successful with strippers is that you have to take charge of the interaction. Its sort of like these high powered businessmen that go to dominatrixes so they are not in control. In the IVS they recommend you approach the stripper rather than letting them approach you. Thats good advice. Strippers play men all day long. They have more beta chumps than they can handle. And if they can turn these chumps into money they will. If not, well, another sucker is born every minute. Its only the guy that can't be gamed. That moves THEM around the club. That doesn't put up with their crap and calls them on it that they are attracted to. Been my experience anyway. I am not saying thats always the case. But running solid game at the highest level possible is the key. And even if you do everything perfect they may be lesbian or have a husband. If you can recognize that early and bail and move on to the next one you are miles ahead. They are fun and damned hot and in my experience some of the best lays around.

  3. Escalate and find out what happens. Don't give her money or help her with her bills, etc. Simple.

  4. BTW, if you are an older guy like me, the above advice might not be that good in your case because you are already in a dating frame.

    I find with very young girls (which includes most but not all strippers) that unless her buying temperature is really high and it is totally clear you are just going to fuck not necessarily date, having an older guy escalate on her can cause her to freak out and lock up. There is just a lot of social pressure to not date much older guys. Biologically she is (or more precisely most girls are) wired to want older guys, so if her buying temperature is high the logical "what am I doing with him" mind may not kick in.

    I'm personally not very good at the rapid escalation buying temperature pumping game so I have better luck with a slower deep comfort type game with young strippers. Basically you get them to start to fall in love with you, which also overrides the social pressure (but you still have to be careful to be discrete and such to keep the social pressure down).

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