Improving my looks
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  1. Improving my looks

    Hey guys I just got out of a LTR, I'm fairly young...only 22...but not that confident in approach. What can I do to improve my appearance...I really don't know how I'm perceived. I know the jacket's a bit much was a bit of a joke.

    I just lack that approach confidence in large part due to looks.

  2. Appearance is not as important as you think in game. As long as you are well groomed that is the main thing.

    To get well groomed best thing to do is make female friends and get them to take you out shopping. If they are good friends then they will help you, or if you go out shopping talk to the female shop clerk that can help put some things together for you and give you ideas.

    My advice to guys that get out of long term relationships is make some cool female friends and guy mates that you can have fun with and lift you up.

  3. Work out.
    Buy new clothes.

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