forehead kiss during sex wth?
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    forehead kiss during sex wth?

    Never had this happen with a gf or fwb, one night stand etc.

    been dating/going about 3 weeks, shes 37, im 28. 3rd time having sex. she was blowing me told her to get on top and she did then slid me in with out a condom. Past two times she asked to use one.

    Shes riding me telling me to cum, then bit later did the kiss.
    This friday going out again club/drinks and she asked if i wanted to spend the night that same friday said sure.

    Then sometime after sex that night she said we should probably talk about where we think this is going or similar wording, but not tonight I left a bit after that.

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    ill be the godfather

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    This fucking thread title. LOL. Anyways. In my experience, the crazier and stranger shit they do and say in bed, the better you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cagalindo View Post
    ill be the godfather
    Agreed, make sure you didn't just get nailed for child support...

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    he didnt even say anything im unaware..

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    It's just a grateful "Thank you for putting a baby in me"! That's quite normal right?

  7. I'd just like to say, wholeheatedly:

    Thanks for this thread, it has truly made me laugh from beginning to end

    *kiss on all your foreheads*


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    Sadly I cant have kids...

  9. i immediately take back my previous comment (you can still have the forehead kiss)

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