Did I try too hard to fclose? next move?
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    Did I try too hard to fclose? next move?

    Not sure if I've pushed her too fast so I'm seeking for some advice on what to do next.

    Backstory: I've known this girl for a little over a year, we've hung out a few times but lost contact for a while. I just recently got back in touch with her. Been texting back and forth for about a month and asked her over for dinner. She flaked the first time but showed up the second.

    12/19/2011 - First "Date"

    She arrived around 7 in a cute short dress and high heeled boots with a bottle of chianti. I gave her a quick kiss at the door and then led her up the stairs. I was wearing a Santa hat and gave her a pair of antlers which she kept on until the movie started. Poured a glass a wine for both of us and we talked as I finished cooking.

    We moved to the living room where we ate and watched a classic Disney movie (no she isn't 13, it just allowed us to chat since both of us had seen it before). Mostly talked during the movie and steadily increased kino and started making out. I broke off the kissing every time with each make-out session lasting a bit longer than the last time.

    The movie concluded and she said she had to work tommorow but I convinced her to stay a bit and check out an old embarrassing video of me downstairs on my computer. She lied facedown on the bed and watched the video and after it finished I rolled her over and we began making out heavily. We dry-humped (lame i know), she opened her legs to let me rub her crotch (seriously wet) and I sucked on her tits (good size and shape for a small girl). During all this she kept saying she needed to go home and didn't put out on the first date so eventually she got up to leave and gathered her things, including the antlers.

    At the door I pushed her against the wall and we made out some more. Things started Escalating again as she lifted up her leg and let me start fingering her before stoping me then basically running out the door and saying that she would text me the next day.

    12/20/2011 - "Day after"

    I didn't get any text but I got a alert from facebook telling me she tagged me in a photo. This wasn't a recent pic, it was a trip we took with some friends over a year ago. I called her later that night, no answer, so I left a msg saying, "I had fun last night, fly safe tommorow, dueces." Also texted right after calling, "I want my antlers back! Check VM" She never txted/called back.

    12/21/2011 - What to do now?

    She's on the plane atm so I'm trying to figure out what's my next move. I feel I was too aggressive and I pushed her past her Comfort zone. Also I acted needy while trying fclose (telling her I liked her, trying to convince her to stay the night and all that other AFC shit, I lost my focus on the game once my dick became involved).

    I'm thinking I'll give her space to hang out with her friends and family on vacation and hit her up when she gets back middle of January. Her birthday is in a couple weeks though, should I send her a birthday greeting? Or did I fuck it up... let me know what you think.

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    OP: You left a VM. You sent a text. Chill out for 11 seconds. She got your messages. If she doesn't respond, she's not interested and you can learn from it and move on to other chicks.
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    You might have pushed a little too hard and sending two messages was a bit much. As DED said, she got your messages, let her chill out on vacation or whatever she is doing that required a plan trip. If you know when she is coming back into town, just hit her up then. Don't make it needy or anything, just ping her something whimsical.

    I know that a lot of guys on here are all about scoring, but you need to go with the flow sometimes. Ask yourself, is it better to push and push and maybe get laid tonight, but also risk not seeing her again? Or have some foreplay, not get laid tonight, but have her come back and willingly have sex with you with little or no resistance the next time and the time after that and the time after that...

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    martini17 Guest

    Thanks for the advice shreddy and DeadEyeDick. I agree it was too much to hit her with a vm and txt, live and learn. I'll probably go with your suggestion shreddy just cuz why not throw a hail mary. I don't lose anything.

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    Dude, you pushed too much too soon! That LMR comes from the simple fact that you crossed games, you presented yourself as a good boyfriend material with a nice dinner, nice movie, nice place, nice conversation and so on, but you went for the fast sex, you see how you mixed those two games which caused her to give you LMR? Those are two types of games! You can't mix those and you did! That's why you got LMR!

    So now in her mind she is curious what your intentions are with her, what Game are you playing, LTR? FB? FWB? ONS? This is exactly what she is thinking! She is thinking you want to 'hit it and quit it' most likely. Look you have to be clear with her about this stuff, or you had to be clear, you probably confused her with your talk that was all about your personal life and everything in it leading her to believe you wanted a relationship with her then you went for quick sex! Screeech!!!!! WTF!

    I would figure out a way to let her know what Game you are playing with her, if you just want a fuckbuddy, leave it alone for now and don't chase or anything, if you want a FWB or LTR, simply let her know you wish to see her when she comes back and you feel really bad for pushing too fast too soon but you just couldn't help yourself because you found her incredible irresistible and sexy, it is unusual for you to act that way and can see yourself spending lots of time with her. This is not lost, she tagged you after everything happened! Why? Because she has hopes.

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