How do you open and transition with a group of 2-5 women walking past you in the day?
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  1. How do you open and transition with a group of 2-5 women walking past you in the day?

    Can daygame readers who are much active and more experienced with day game than others, please elaborate on what tactic, opener - routine/s have worked best for you, when you want to approach a group of 2, or even up 5 females
    walking in a group, in one direction on either the same side, or opposite side of a street, while you're walking on either the same or opposite side of a street in another direction. A scenario like this would be helped a lot, if you had a daygame
    wingman who was with you, but when you're out and about doing shit in the day, unlike night game, that's not usually possible and you're usually by yourself.

    This would apply to a shopping mall environment also. Obviously they have somewhere they have to go to, so this is a lot fucking harder than trying to open a group set of 2–5 females together in night game, who'd usually be seated.

    The opening part of this is mostly the same as approaching and opening a single lady in the day, but whether the lady (if there's one you're most interested in, or if they're all hot) would want to give her number in front of her friends, while they're going somewhere, is the harder part.

    There's two options - you direct your opener towards the one lady in the group walking, who you're most interested in and/or ask the group if you can borrow her for a sec and speak to her alone, which she may be unwilling to do, for a total stranger, since they may have somewhere they're wanting to go to. The disadvantage, is she may also feel awkward being singled out and put on a pedestal in front of her friends and/or may be unwilling to separate from her friends and/or not crazy about you continuing to talk and walk with them. You can also direct your opener towards everyone, but since they're going somewhere, they may ask what the hell do you want from them.

    Depending on how good looking a guy is, attempting to open walking group female sets of at least 2-5 females in the day, compared to a single lady by herself, will bring a lot of rejections, but at least a guy has the balls to actually do it and not care how many rejections he gets.

    If I wanted to open a group set of 2, up to even 8 females in a night club chatting together, I could think of lots of canned openers. Even something as simple as saying the people I'm with are boring and that they look interesting and asking how they know each other, would be quite sufficient, but in day game this won't work on a group set of 2-5 females walking somewhere.
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