Not a PUA! Want one girl!
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    Not a PUA! Want one girl!

    Hi all,

    my situation is possible strange or common i dont really know, im 18 and have never been in a relationship that has lasted more than 2 weeks, im a flirt and not just slightly if its a she and shes human i flirt cant help it i seem to have this thing where i can talk to woman but cant date them.

    There is this one girl HB9 who i really like she is amazing in most ways, she also has only had a couple boyfriends, but we flirt whenever we are talking i just cant seem to date her, i think im friend zoned and have a tendancy for putting myself there with every1.

    Basically i need help to stop puttng myself in the friend zone and if possible a way out for this one girl. if you guys need any information just ask after all you are helping me!

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    the trick is to always be escalading

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    Kino allows you to escalate. Without kino , you are in the friend zone. And remember the emotional progression model. Attraction and qualification are beforeeeeeeeeee comfort. NOT after.

    I'm in the same situation, flirting but finding myself in friend zone. Recently figured out that escalating with kino and taking risks are the things I haven't been doing and starting to do them has helped me.

    p.s. don't stick to that one hb9. If you can't date her, use her as pre-selection.

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