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    Thobylyn Day game Journal

    The students are leaving in a week for Christmas, I have been doing indirect game for a month or so, have gotten 29 numbers, 2 dates but I want to trying indirect and direct game and see if it is any better, I am going to be posting my day game approaches here and I want you guys to give me feedback . My biggest problem is that I open a girl twice because I live in a small town but I have thought hard enough about it, what is the worst that could I happen if I open a girl twice and would it matter in a year time that I opened a girl twice ( I don't think my reputation matters that much because I would not be running for Mayor soon).
    Need feedback but not too negative, just constructive criticism

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    Day 1
    My intention was simple, to go out an open 20 sets directly before I went to court and after.
    1st set
    I got outside my house and I saw this girl with a dog, so I went direct I think you are cute, what is your name?
    She gave me this look I cannot explain but it was cold.
    After this I tried to open many other girls directly, every time I tried my liver just failed me.
    2nd set
    The court case was starting at 10:30 , so I stood infront of the court to approach girls directly. I could not muster any courage.
    One girl walked infront of me, I used my indirect opener- where is the nearest cash machine?
    she told me where the nearest cash machine.
    I noticed her I accent, that was a gold mine for transition, so I transitioned with I notice where are you from? she told me she was from Italy, I asked her to be more specific, she told me near Milan. I told her about my friend who is from Florence who told me to visit him soon, we chatted about our courses and then I asked her that I would like to grab a cup of coffee with her sometime, she told me sure. she gave me her number, I called her phone to make sure she stores my number, I hate the text 'who is this'.
    I walked with her alil bit then headed back into the court.
    After the court case I went to observe, I tried to open girls directly, I swear 40 girls must have passed me but I could not muster courage, I think guys who go direct, deserve more credit even if they don't close the girl, it was hard for me, I am sticking with my indirect approach, I wasted a good 3 hours walking around trying to approach directly.
    open 2 sets - one blow out and one number close

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    Day 2
    I cannot go into details about all the approaches I did today, I could just summarise some important one

    Let me first explain I have this chart I carry around in my book.
    Open=level 1
    Transition=level 2
    normal conversation=level 3
    attempting to number close=- level 4

    open 26 sets (most were single)
    level 4-went for number close 6 times, got 3 numbers, no reply ( I guess it is part of the process)
    the numbers I did not get,
    The hottest girl I have ever seen, I was on my way from sister's college, I opened her with the cash machine opener- where is the closest cash machine?
    she told me she does not know, I noticed she had the most amazing hair, I asked her if it was her natural colour, she told me yeah. I asked her what she studied? she studied fashion and something else ( I can't really remember), I asked her for her number and she gave me but I entered her number wrongly,so I told her to repeat it, she was repeating it when my phone froze. I can't believe this, she told me she had to go, brutal, imagine this a girl wants to give you her number and your phone cockblocked you, please be wise and invest in a good phone.
    2nd number I could not get, she told she was a lesbian and this was awkward for her, I don't know but I felt she was telling the truth, she kind of dressed like one or I was gamed.
    3rd number I could not get, she told me she did not know me enough. she offered facebook but I refused, I only accept numbers.
    I got three numbers, the first two I had to fight through objections of boyfriends and the third number gave it easily.

    level3-I got into a normal conversation with about 10 sets

    level 2-I only transition in about 3 sets and did nothing else

    level 1-I only opened 7 sets and did nothing else

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    I think I should leave you guys with things I do, mainly so , the guys that are good could critic it, the new guys could learn from it and key board jockeys could argue over it lol.
    I open indirectly, I would like to say something, I think opening directly and indirectly gives you the same result- your first question is how? I am cheating here but I am comparing Paul Janka and Myzta.
    Indirect opening
    Paul Janka
    Open- 100
    Number- 80
    Lay- 8
    Direct opening
    Sleeps with -8
    I just think if your game is on par, the best you can hope for is to sleep with 8% of the girls you open. If soul or Key chain have a better stat, please let us know

    I used to ask people “ excuse me, where is the HMV store?” when I started but I realised people just give the direction without thinking and they walk off.
    So How could you make the direction opener work.
    First ,ask them a direction of a place that does not exist or an area that you think they would not know about? What this does is it confuses them and they have to stop to think about it. Some others would say I don’t know and walk off, remember you can’t win them all.( caveat; some girls have black berry (smart phones) and they google map or use navigation app to look for the area and if it does not exist you look like an idiot ( I would prefer a place that exist but is far from where you are gaming, so they are less likely to know about it , but you can always recover by saying you must have misheard your friend). They usually ask, why you are looking for the place, I usually say I am meeting a friend at his place but he is not picking up the phone or I am looking for a new house and my land lord is not picking up the phone
    Second, complicate the opener, how long does it take to get there?, is it on the right or on the left?
    Third, transition as soon as they open their mouth

    My fav (caveat: I leave in a student’s town, I am student too)
    Me:By the way, are you a law student, I think I have seen you round the law building.
    Her :no
    Me: What do you study?
    Her: Psychology
    Me: I either make fun of her about psychology students always talking their feelings or I have another routine which goes like this
    No way (high five)
    My best friend studies psychology (or what ever she studies or does), she is the craziest person, I remember the first time we met, we went for a sky diving course in London, and she came over to me and she was like Is it true what they say about black guys, but honestly what do they say about black guys
    My best friend is a X (insert whatever she does there), she is like the nicest person in the world, I remember last year summer, we went clubbing in London, I introduce her to this Spanish guy and she was about to go on the date when she noticed I was ill, she cancelled the date and she took care of me the whole night, Are all nurse that nice or is it just her?
    Me: I am a law student at the Uni
    Me: We should continue some other time over a cup of coffee
    Her: sure ( or some lame objections: I have a boy friend)
    Me: why
    Her: explains the objection
    Me: Just a cup of coffee, it is no big deal what is your number.

    If you are lucky enough to live in Huge city like London or any other city ( most city have a lot of foreigners, however if you live in a town or place like Alaska where everyone knows each other, you are on your own)
    You can transition them with, I noticed your accent, where are you from?
    By the way is your natural colour?
    My best friend used to say people with blonde hair are fun
    If she is blonde, ask her if it is true
    If she is not blonde, ask her if that means she is not fun (smile while saying this or laugh)
    I usually go into a story of how I was born blonde but people used to think I was dumb, so I had to change my hair, so that people would take me serious and people would not just think of me as a sex object ( Caveat; I am black (I mean African lol)

    My structure looks like this
    Do you know where Compton road is?
    I asked one girl and she told me to walk this way I have no clue if I am on the right or wrong path day 1
    I thought you would save me, By the way are you a law student? I think I have seen you around the law building before.
    What do you study ? what do you do?
    No way (high five)
    My best friend studies X too, she is like the craziest person in the world, I remembered the first time we met, she kept asking is it true what they say about black guys? (is it true once you go black, you can never go back). What do they really say about black guys? Are all X student crazy or is it just her?
    I am law student at the Uni ( or whatever you do or you could just say I am a law student too lol)
    You( guys) seem friendly
    We should grab a drink sometime
    What are you up to this evening?
    I am B ( introduce names)
    Hand shake routine ( there are a lot of hand shake routines, if you are still unclear make one up)
    Hair routine ( I wrote it in the transition)
    Palm reading hook or do you know what they say about X( law, psychology) student or people that do X (nurse, teachers) ?

    Thanks for reading anyway

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    Damn, 23 approaches in a day!!! You'll be a super star in no time.

    Thanks for giving the template for indirect game. I use the accent transition a lot, but with native speakers I have nothing to grab on to lol.

    Where do you find all those hot babes? Do you approach groups also? i have a hard time finding that many hot girls or maybe I am just making excuses.

    Anyways, you have inspired me to go out. gonna hit the gym then go to the mall!

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    Project X, with native speaker unless they know you personally, you can still tell them you detect an accent.
    Or you could use the profession transition
    By the way, Are you a lawyer (nurse or whatever profession you think is congruent to her)
    Because you have this no non sense look that could slay a witness in court
    Or for a nurse
    You are just really nice, some of my friends are nurses and they are just really nice.
    Or hair transition
    Me;By the way, is that your natural colour?
    Her:Yes or no
    Me: It looks nice anyway, my best friend used to say people with blonde hair are more fun
    Her: really or nothing
    If she is blonde, ask her are you fun?
    if she is not blonde, ask her does that mean you are not fun?
    I hope this helps Project X

    Day 3
    I approached 8 sets, no number close or even attempt to number close
    Just opened in about 6
    I transitioned in about 2 of them (one of them the girl was jogging, she was still willing to talk to me)

    These are my sticking points
    1)I don't approach groups, I know they are probably easier, law of averages, one would be a freaking talkative.
    2)I don't approach when it is crowded, I know I should not care what other people think, once in a while I approach, like yesterday in the bus when I opened girls twice on the bus ( nothing too spectacular the openers I used are, do you know how much it cost to get a days bus pass and the second set I asked her if she was a drama student, she said she studied drama but not a drama student, we chatted for about 3 minutes and I taught her my hand shake routine).
    3)I don't progress enough with the sets when I open, I let a lot of girls off too easily, I think I should be like

    Plans to handle my sticking points
    Every day I would plan to approach at least 5 groups
    I would just push myself more and think what the worst thing that could happen, I rarely get a negative reaction from girls. I would try to use Savoys 20% rule to stay longer.

    I had two flakes yesterday, one was a girl I met two weeks ago, she is messing with mind, I saw her come out of her house and we both looked at each other, I did not approach, I walked a bit I looked back, she looked back, I walked a bit I looked back, she looked back, I waved her over, we met in the middle and I went- I think you are really cute, we should grab a drink, she said sure, I got her number in less than 30 secs, I tried to continue the conversation but she was like I am late, I am late. I sent her a text when I got home
    I used to send girls this text- I need you guys opinion- this is the text
    It was nice meeting you today or is too soon to get textual- (my name) A
    It was nice meeting you today- (my name) B
    A or B- which is better
    I sent her a text like twice but she failed to reply, I called her, I never call girls by the way, I only operate on a textual relationship
    she did not reply to my text, I think I sent her another text but she did not reply
    I deleted her number, as I always call my phone every week or so.
    she text me back a weeks time, I am busy yada,
    she also calls me, so I try to go for the date when she called. she said I would call you by 4 to tell me where to meet, she never calls

    2nd flake
    Met her on the street three days before
    She is the Italian girl on day 1, yada she text me saying she can't make yesterday, she wants to do today.
    I don't know if she would flake again.

    I need to remind my self why I got into this.
    Although a lay or a date would be nice at this point.
    I think flake is a way of God showing me my mistake
    I am not in this to get a date or a lay.
    I am in this to have a life of abundance and choice and maybe find the one or maybe not.
    The journey is tough, but I am not quitting

    Thanks for reading anyways

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    Day 4
    My goal today was open and transition or do more in 20 sets.

    First I have to talk about my date today
    The italian girl finally met up but it did not go as I planned, first she text me saying that we should meet in Uni cafe, I thought this does not smell good. I text her saying- Limo is going to be picking you up at 5 in front of the library, just don't forget to bring me flowers , she text back saying why don't we meet in library cafe, I said I understood she was busy but we should grab a drink at a bar 5 min from the library, she could get back to her studies after 1 drink, she text back saying - the plan was perfect
    We met after 5pm, tried to bullshit for 30 minutes, went for the kiss close, she moved back, I am thinking this is like objection, all I have to do is go for it again
    I went for it again later, no and after the third no
    This were the excuses I am not sure in the particular order
    1) My friend warned me about Nigerian guys ( caveat: I am Nigerian)
    2) This is our first date I don't know you well
    3) I just broke up with my friend
    4) when you ask for me coffee, I thought you meant like a friend
    when she said lets just be friend, I laughed so hard, I think she would think I am crazy, why did I laugh? I know Donald Trump said in his book how to get rich that he does not find his mistake amusing but this was funny because this was the first time in my life, a girl would actually say this to me, I have had one LJBF before but it was over text, It is like reading about guys getting LJBF, I walked her back to the Library and I was still messing with her.
    I need guys opinion on which of the objection is the true one and what you would have done better?

    Day 4 Day game
    I have four levels in my chart, I put in my book.
    level 1 - open
    level 2 - transition
    level 3- free flow conversation
    level 4- attempt to number close or number closing

    My goal was to get to level 2 20 times
    I got 4 numbers today but as Savoy says a number is not a date.
    I went for the kill 7 times, I think I have 50/50 chance of getting numbers, I swear I think If I ask 100 girls their numbers, 50 would decline but 50 would give me but I am thinking of getting it to 80 %, paul janka's level
    level 4
    1st girl I closed
    I saw this two girls walking towards me as I was coming back from my warm up, I always warm up before I go for sarging, I go for a 1 hour warm up and 3 hours or more sarging.
    Me : Do you where I can get Maggie?
    2 set: What is that?
    Me: It is an italian sauce, I went to Asda and Tesco to get it but could not get it, I thought you guys look Italian, so I thought you guys would help me
    2 set: I am 1/4 Italian
    Me: which part of you? your arm
    Wwe chatted and then I closed them

    2nd set:
    Me: where is the nearest cash machine?
    Her: You walk this way, continue giving the direction
    Me: By the way Are you a geography student?
    We chatted some more and I number close her

    3rd set
    She was on her way to London, I number closed her anyway

    4th set
    On my way from Asda, I complimented her on hair
    I number close

    The girls i could not close
    freaking difficult norwegian girl, she was tall as fuck, she was giving excuse like next time I see you in International cafe, I don't go there anymore cos I have alot of foreign girls on my phone and I won't like to enter a room where all the girl look at their phone and look at me together and give me synchronise fuck off lol
    2nd set
    I can't actually remember the second set
    3rd set
    she was like she was busy yada yada

    Level3 - I got to level 3 in one set
    level 2- I got to level 2 in 10 different sets
    level 1- I got to level 1 in 10 sets

    (caveat I opened some other sets just to warm up or just for the fun of it that I did not record, 2 girls did not stop,)
    I am too tired , I need my s;eep.
    Ready for day 5 yeah

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    Day 5

    I went out today with the intention of going direct but I don't think I have the balls, I got 10 numbers though, the most I have ever gotten during day game, I should be jumping right but I am half happy, half sad. I experimented with Janka's style, just leave after the number, it does not matter, my advice unless the girl is leaving, I think you should continue the conversation. I texted all 10 but only one reply yet, I think Janka was wrong or maybe this sets of girls are just too busy now to text me back (final week courseworks). It was kind of crazy but I don't know why but I got 50% of the girls I asked for numbers, I don't know why but this has not changed from day 1, I started gaming, I always getting 50% of the numbers I go for, I am thinking if there are things to push it up to 80% or more. I go indirect by the way. I usually close with lets grab a cup of coffee sometimes or I mention a specific day like thursday.
    Are there things you can do to push your numbers up? Guys I need feedback

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    I have read Paul Jenka's material also, but he never discussed how he txt the girls.

    Do you know the general structure of his txt game?

    I don't think it's as simple as texting 100 numbers and you will automatically get 11 lays. I've got about 50 random #s since I started daygame. I would be thrilled to get 5 lays out of that....

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Project X View Post
    I have read Paul Jenka's material also, but he never discussed how he txt the girls.

    Do you know the general structure of his txt game?

    I don't think it's as simple as texting 100 numbers and you will automatically get 11 lays. I've got about 50 random #s since I started daygame. I would be thrilled to get 5 lays out of that....

    Hi man,
    First of all, it is incredible how you can have so much time to find 20+ HB in one day. You are lucky than.
    So as a night gamer, I can answer your txt question I think. First of all you have to know that it is not about really mathematics. 100 numbers can bring you 80 lays or maybe 0 lays. You can not directly say that %10 rule is applicable. Yes generally %10 is real but it depends so many factors.
    At the begining of game, you will see that you won't get %10 even maybe %1. But this is the part of the process.
    To get more you have to improve your game and each time you have to try to make it better.
    For texting part, I strongly suggest you to take a look at phone gaming of this forum. I don't tell you to use them exactly, just take a look. You will see very creative ways. At the begining you can use a couple of them. After a while you will start to create your own material without even knowing. Because game will affect your EGO and CHARACTER. Me, I have been at the place where you have been. Many girls, not so many returns. Than I have used some texting material which you can find on this site and at the begining I think that none can work. But I saw that actually these material are working. (not all lol) So just try some of them and than be yourself if she replies. Not be a complete AFC but be yourself. If you have really smt. in you than it will work perfectly.
    Good luck.

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