Hooking up with girls in the same social circle

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  1. Hooking up with girls in the same social circle

    Hey guys, I tried to find something in the forums posted about this, but I didn't find anything. My question can't be that uncommon so that was surprising, but anyway here is my question:

    If I hook up with a girl in my social circle will that isolate me from hooking up with any of the other girls in my social circle? I ask this because I made a pretty good connection with an HB7 in my student organization at school, but I don't want to hook up with her if it will isolate me from pursuing any of the other girls in the group first (HB8's and 9's) by making me look like a player or something. Ya dig?

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    she'll probably talk about how you are in bed with the other girls so theyll probably find out

    depends how the other girls take it, maybe they hear good things and want in on some of that dick, if theyre slutty enough

    and set up a frame that shows that you keep your sex life private so they dont need to worry about the other girls finding out unless she tells them herself

    though, i think in conquer your campus it says to not fuck the uglier girls in a same social circle if you wanna get the top ones

  3. Just to clarify, when I say "social circle" I don't mean like 3 or 4 girls who are all best friends. I mean like a student org that has like 40 people in it, so not everyone is exactly in each others business. Also, when I say "hooking" up I don't necessarily mean fucking, it could also be just kissing too. Would making out with a girl in the same social group be enough to isolate me from the other girls?

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    if you make out with the hb10 first, then you can have all the ones below that

    a big deal in college social circles, not so much outside college

    go for it bruh, try to make it so the higher HBs dont find out, but know that they might

  5. Yeah, that makes sense. Couple more things. Both the HB9's have bf's, but I'm not putting to much stock into that since both HB9's are freshman and these are long distance bf's they had from high school (as we all know, those don't usually last too long). Also, I'm worried that if I do decide to put more attention towards the HB9's, the HB7 will think I'm not interested and I'll lose her all together.

  6. it can cut both ways. you can end up building attraction with the whole group. or you can burn a bridge to the whole group. i personally haven't mastered this so i try not to "shit where i eat". discretion is attractive. if you bang a girl and tell all your friends how much of a dirty little slut she was, you're asking to be blown out of the whole group. if you bang a girl and let her know you're her sexy little secret, the other girls will wonder what you're up to, instead of concluding you're a sleaze. it's always good to build an aura of mystery. be smooth.

  7. Your worried about making out bro?? This isn't grade 7! If a girl is upset that you've made out with her friends once or twice after a few drinks, she probably has jealousy or immaturity issues. Inconspicuous has got it. One of the differences between a "cool sexual guy" and a "sleaze bag" (at least in the mind of a girl) is that a sleaze bag will brag about his sex life.
    So my advice to you would be to go ahead and hook up with the HB7 and not say a word about it to anyone at school. Shell likely tell her friends. Then girls will prob ask you about it. But don't fill them in, just shrug and smirk. They can fill in the spaces with their own imaginations: "how many other girls is he hooking up with? Why is he so cool that he doesnt tell anyone about it". And girls respect a guy that doesn't kiss and tell (not to mention a common fantasy is to have a secret sexual relationship that no one knows about)
    Good luck dude, secrecy is key here

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