should I enter FB relationship with HB6/7 in social circle?
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    should I enter FB relationship with HB6/7 in social circle?

    I have a chance to enter a FB (Friends with Benefits) relationship with a HB6/7.

    She is in a social circle in London in which there is at least one HB9 who I haven't met yet (In fact I haven't met many of the others in the circle yet).

    Standard advice would be to let this HB6/7 pass so as not to prejudice my chances with the HB9 and others. I'm sure word would get around. However, I got drunk a few weeks ago and slept with her already. So in many respects the damage is already done. How much worse will I be making things if I go ahead and enter an FB relationship? If no worse, or not much worse I will probably go ahead.

    Also worth mentioning is that I slept twice with another HB7/8 in this circle, this was about 9months ago and 4months ago respectively, before I read up about Social Circle game (which I started about a month ago). So in a sense I may have already crashed this circle. Or has enough time elapsed so it isn't a factor.

    The FB relationship could be a handy setup as she only lives 30mins from me which is not far in London. Also her circumstances are such that she will not be going out much, so could be convenient for a weekly or fortnightly booty call.

    I need to make a decision today as I have a chance to see her tonight (six hours time), and after that my schedule gets busy and I won't be able to see her for a week or two. She is pressing to know if I am coming up to see her soon and if I delay I will lose the momentum.

    Quick responses appreciated!

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    Don't know if its relevant but the HB7/8 set me up with the HB6/7. Also the last time we met, when I slept with the HB6/7, a threesome was nearly on involving the HB7/8.
    (The HB7/8 is a friend and I don't want to lose that by turning her into a FB, otherwise I would go for the HB7/8 as the FB over the HB6/7)

    Its also worth mentioning that the potential FB can put me in touch with the HB9 if I hang out with the potential FB.

    My options, as I see them, are:

    - go for full FB with the HB6/7
    - befriend the HB6/7 and keep it non-sexy (which might not be an option for the HB6/7, but the HB7/8 indicated that the HB6/7 might be up for that)
    - just let things be and while not avoiding the HB6/7, only see her socially as and when I run into her in the normal run of things (which might piss off my friend the HB7/8, who wants her friend the HB6/7 to have me in her life in some capacity, especially now she knows I've slept with her, i.e. she does not want me to abandon her friend having shagged her, for the sake of her friend's ego - she is having problems at the moment)

  3. The short answer is... go for it if you want, but you are probably cutting off your chances of any kind of sexual relationship with most of the TOP girls in that immediate social circle.

    But it's not the end of the world, because of with their friends of friends, and the girls a few "degrees of separation" away in the social circle... you are all good.

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