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    Perth, Australia Contact Details

    Hey guys
    I'm new to this board, so i want to know how many people are from perth!
    Lets get some good numbers showing up here - share some details and help each other out.

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    Deviate Guest

    hey iam also from perth. Iam new to this but i can hold my own. Iam 21 looking for wings to sarge with around similar age.

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    perth wing

    hey man, hows it goin?
    tell me a little about your experience.
    Ive got a lot of theory and a little bit of action behind me - however im still a little focused on the fear of approaching. Id love to see some guys out in the field who are really good at opening sets - someone to learn off.

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    Deviate Guest

    hey i have a bit of theory behind me but i would say iam about 50% natural so u mite be able to learn a bit off me.
    I am pretty good looking and dress well and charasmatic. So at least you will gain some decent social proofing.

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    right on

    Cool man - would be great to catch up in the field sometime. Id really appreciate the help!
    get in contact with me:

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    Deviate Guest

    sounds good iam south of the river but dont mind traveling. Mabye we can hit a club/pub one night and get some practice in.
    email me

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    Dec 2005
    Everywhere I'm at and everywhere I go.. I stay surrounded by hoes. (50 Cent)


    Yo, let me roll - I'm 23. Down to sarge as well

  8. perth here as well

    hey whats up guys, im from perth, new to MM, been reading the EBOOK, just purchased the MM 5-Disk, im always out clubbing, havnt tried MM in field, just seeing if anyone from perth is new or experienced to MM, and maybe wanna go out gaming for the first time... get back to me.... peace

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    Feb 2006
    Perth, Western Australia

    Hey guys,
    Can add me to the Perth list. I just signed up to the forum yesterday but have been reading a few posts as a guest prior. Stumbled upon this whole PU community after reading "The Game" (As I'm sure many people have). I haven't tried anything in the field as of yet, still putting all the info together... But I'm thinking of going down to the Cott hotel this Sunday to try some approaches... it's a long weekend so I'm sure there will be plenty of HB out!
    I was talking to a mate last night actually, who has also read "The Game" and he is of the mind that a lot of the routines would not work on Australian women... that they would see straight through them or think they are just stupid... Personally I don't know, but I do beleive that a lot of it is in the delivery...
    Any you guys had field expirence here in Perth...? How did it go? What did you do? I would be interested to hear your stories...

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    Deviate Guest

    I have been out gaming for about 3 weeks now read a few of my field reports. The routines do work they arnt location specific. You just need to work em properly.


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