Haggling wheeling and dealing for cheaper products
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    Haggling wheeling and dealing for cheaper products

    For those of you who don’t know what *Haggling* is, it is:


    As you know the game is all about picking up women socialising and becoming an around better self. But there are way more opportunities that can be used in your every day life, but what I’m talking about here is haggling.

    After the new year; I find is the best time to start buying products whether it’s a car, T.V, Cloths, or any type of electronics gear. You can haggle your way from a price that suits your needs.

    I’m just a little curious if anyone of you have particular haggling ideas or proven techniques that can be best used?

    I’m not the best at it and I’m sure there are better ways then just saying … Well I saw the same product at such n such store what can you do better?

    So let’s hear the idea guys! As I will be out of debt mid Jan and plan on going a bit of a spending spree.
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  2. Most products have fixed prices. Haggling is more suitable for large purchases that aren't purchased in one's lifetime often, like a car, house, or insurance. Other things like clothes and toothpaste are fixed prices for many reasons, mainly simplicity. This are mass produced now and they are sold to the masses. If prices were to be variable on an item like a XBOX then that would be very chaotic on so many levels.

    When buying cars you have to be alpha.
    -Do your research at home, or at different dealerships than the one you intend on buying at. Do not show your face there until you're 100% ready to buy.
    -Research. Knowledge is power when buying a car. Most salesmen make up things about the cars they are selling. You should also find the invoice price and what others are paying. Look for current buying incentives offered by the manufacturer like low financing APR or cashback. Also look up your credit score.
    -When you are absolutely ready to buy it go to the dealership. Walk in and say "I want to buy that car."
    -Salesmen are like PUA's. They try to build an emotional connection with the buyer because building that familiarity creates trust, and if the buyer trusts the salesmen then they are less likely to haggle price and more likely to believe the bullshit. When I was buying my car the salesmen tried to connect with me about my college. "Oh, my niece went there." I said "great" and nothing more about it.
    -Talk OTD (out the door) price, not monthly payments. OTD means what you pay after tax, title, and tags. If you talk in terms of monthly payments then adding another $20/month seems like nothing, but on a 5 year loan that equals $1000 + interest.
    -Remember that YOU ARE THE BUYER AND YOU HAVE THE POWER. If you don't like what you're hearing, walk out. They'll call you. If not go elsewhere. Dealerships have to pay interest every month on the cars that sit on their lot. It's in their best interest to sell them.

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