The Legend of El Diablo

Most of the posts I’ve made until now have involved questions about female psychology or date reports. I felt that in the beginning I should offer Japan Lair something of value rather than a recount of my failures with Japanese girls. I wanted readers to take away something from my experiences and incorporate them into their pursuit of Japanese girls. However, my thoughts have changed due to a little-known PUA out there named El Diablo.

Through the fine coils of the grapevine I stumbled onto another PUA/AFC forum called It’s not that I wanted to get my hands on every single bit of information out there about pick-up. I had learned plenty. I had listened to, read and watched the majority of the David DeAngelo catalogue; read Neil Strauss’s The Game and watched his “Annihilation Method” series; I had signed up for the mailing lists, listened to the talks of various gurus and PUAs; delved into The Mystery Method and incorporated that as much as I could into my daily interactions with women. But I hadn’t really found any PUA material that catered to my specific situation in the land of the rising sun.

As anyone here will tell you, the game in Asia is vastly different from that in Western countries. The difference mainly lies in our 1) scarcity, 2) natural peacocking ability due to our race, 3) language barrier, and 4) cultural differences. Two of the four work in our, the Westerners’, favor. Scarcity is what has attracted women since the dawn of man, as you’ve heard in any of the PUA archives. The natural peacocking ability also prevents us from working so hard to get girls to notice us, one of the major bullet points in Western AFC training. Numbers 3 and 4, however, pose a different challenge and skill-set: Mastering yourself in non-native-English-speaking surroundings, and not pushing the envelope so much so as to not disrespect Asian culture.

I found two e-books that catered specifically to non-Japanese in Japan. The inner game is the same, the openers (re: The Game, the Mystery Method) adaptable, but the negs, cocky/funny, and virtually everything else that sets you apart from the pack in the West---the stuff that gets you the girl over the other guy in the end---is actually what DISqualifies you permanently over here.

So, that’s easy, you say. Just do away with all of the negs and cocky/funny stuff and just be nice. Is that really the answer though? Being confident with splashes of nice guy?

You’re a white guy in an Asian country, you say. It’s easy. You don’t have to do anything. So, just sit around without trying, and they’ll jump into your lap? Is that what you do?

It was hard telling, and I still don’t have the answer. The information specifically directed at PUAs in Japan, or in any Asian country, and the forum communities of serious Game students just wasn’t as abundant as it was for those in the West.

That brings me to the posts of El Diablo on I had read about him in the comments section of another website (God knows which one) saying that he was a legend in Japan. I went to fastseduction, typed “Japan” in the archives search field, and, what do you know, El Diablo posts. They were dated back in 2009, two years ago and pre-earthquake and nuclear fallout Japan---but the game here surely hadn’t changed all that much since then. The posts of El Diablo I was reading were mainly what fastseduction calls LRs, or “Lay Reports”. That’s all this guy seemed to be about, LRs. He talked about dates, taking them back to his place, his ménage-a-tois, his barnyard of fuck buddies, finding Japanese girls with “Western tits”. Wow, this guy WAS a legend. And to top it all off, despite all of the seemingly effortless success, he was so humble about it. He honestly said that after regularly bedding three different girls a week he wasn’t sure if his game was just that solid or if he was just taking a waltz down Lucky Lane, lined with horny girls.

Wow, I thought. Finally a guy in Japan who gets it. And not only does he get it, he’s articulate and detailed in his posts, references common PUA material, and he’s, well, like a boot camp instructor himself. Free advice, and all from forum posts!

Instead of “Japan”, I typed his name, “eldiablo”, into the search field, and what I found was astounding. The guy had 400 posts in his career as a PUA dating back to 2003. I decided this guy and his stories were worth it, so I started from post one, way back when he was still living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. At the time, he had just signed up for PUA boot camp at 30 years old. He was dateless, sexless, and hardly talked to women at all. He recounted his first few weeks in boot camp, talking about going to the mall, coffee shops, not having the courage to go up and talk to anyone. He would outline assignments the boot camp instructors had given. He never completed the assignments. The boot camp was a course lasting sixteen-weeks; he threw in the towel after six. The last post I read was him two weeks before his departure to Japan (I expect to escape all his AFC woes in America for the rumored greener hills in Asia). He had met a down-and-desperate 42-year-old married woman through work and had sex with her. This meant the world to him.

“I’ve done it!” seemed to be hiding between the letters onscreen. “The boot camps and PUA study worked! I had sex!”

Could this be the same guy that I had just been reading about? The guy who was juggling multiple sex friends and bagging three new ones a week---possibly at the same time? Yes, he was the same guy. From 2003 to 2009, six years, from sexless 30 years old to fending-them-off-with-a-stick 36 years old, he had been tightening his game and writing about it extensively.

I’m going to read all of his posts. I’m going to learn from a previous AFC, just like me. And I think it’s remarkable how, like the great Neil Strauss, he decided to chronicle his journey from “Lame” to “Game”. Because I respect this man and believe the posts about both his trial-and-errors and his successes are of the utmost help to all AFCs out there, I have decided to do the same here on I wanted to contribute to this community, however small it may be, with something positive and helpful that foreigners in Japan could benefit from for generations to come.

The only question that remains is, in 2017, after six years of field reporting, will this guy, Takashi Miike, end up rising to the top like El Diablo? We shall see