Fader Bootcamp - Charlotte, November 2011
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    Fader Bootcamp - Charlotte, November 2011

    Faderís boot camp took me to the other side. Life will never be the same.

    The first day was Inner Game and Openers. Fader is well versed in Inner Game he knows exactly what needs to be said so that you get the most out of your first night In Field. Inner Game combined with Openers is a lot to take in but at the end of the class Fader boils it down to a very simple Next Action----Open Sets.

    Within the first 10 minutes of being In Field Fader was mauled by Hired Guns. It was clear that Fader was the real deal. Faderís friends joined us at the venue. They locked in a 6 set and proceeded to own the room. I knew that I was with the right crew.

    I opened a lot of sets in the first two hours. Fader joined in on several sets. I couldnít always here what he was saying but I could definitely feel the change in the girlís energy. It was great to have someone there to debrief me after the set and slowly help me to dial in my game. Fader would not let me waste a set or a minute. Heís a great coach always demanding one more set.

    After the bar closed we headed to the strip club. Iím no stranger to strippers Iíve spent a lot of time and money in strip clubs. On the ride over we got Faderís short course on Strippers. In 20 minutes Fader completely re-framed the whole situation. I walked into the club with a new set of fundamentals and walked out with some digits.

    Day two in the class was all about attraction. Pick Up started to click with me during these lessons. You could start to see how and why Fader and his friends were able to hook the sets from the night before. I had a lot of trouble going much further past the opener the night before, but after the attraction classes I knew I had some new tools to work with. Day 2 of classes ended and again Fader boiled it down to a very simple Next Acton---Open, Transition, and talk to them like you did the stripper last night.

    It all came together for me on the second night in the field. I used the same opener from the night before and added in some role playing and teasing. The ladies loved it. I was blown away when I realized that these girls who I had just approached did not want me to leave. They wanted to give me their number. Thatís when I knew I had made it to the other side. Donít get me wrong I got blown out of a lot of sets that night too but now I laughed about it and moved on to the next set. Fader was still there coaching me through to the next level. I canít say enough about how valuable Faderís instant feedback is. You will never ever get this kind of value from a book or video.

    Then we hit the strip club again with Faderís fundamentals. Another great night what a difference the new frame makes.

    All in all I have to say that itís more about the man than the material. Fader gives a shit about your success. Fader wonít let you waste a dime. He will coach you to the other side.

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    Thanks for the review. This was a really fun workshop. Rarely am I lucky enough to get to see one student make such sweeping changes in a 24 hour period. I hope you are still walking the path and maybe run into in a stripclub in Charlotte
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