Help me approach bank worker
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    Help me approach bank worker

    Newbie here looking for advice on how turn the conversation from talking business into asking her out on a date.
    Basically last week I went into my bank to sort out some stuff and noticed a very attractive girl working there. Unfortunately I didn't get served by her, and I am pretty sure she didn't even notice me.
    I am unsure how can I go about this. I have thought maybe going in and asking questions about upgrading my bank account or getting a new credit card etc, and then somehow turning the conversation around to asking her out.
    What other ways can I initiate this?
    Any help much appreciated.

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    Whatever you do, don't slip her a note, and do it when there's no line. If they get caught using personal info for anything other than work-related, they could be out of a job. Just name a time and place where you'll be and tell her to meet you there. If the banks are open 7 days a week, she might get a day off midweek and be open to going out the night before her day off. Might take 3 or 4 times of talking to her and shooting the shit, but if she gives you a genuine smile like she's been waiting to see you all week, should be easy.

    You don't want to run game with using opening a bank account as an excuse, but that doesn't mean you can't use that time at the desk to talk about non-work related things. Namedrop places you go, and just talk about if she's going out with her girls to the nearby restaurant bar for the 2 fers. Usually if there's a nearby place, she's either going to stop there for a drink, or go straight home and get ready to go out with her own circle of friends.

    But the first time you want to keep it a mix of light banter and business... then the next couple of times, she'll prob. say hi to you by name. The mindset should be transitioning from a customer to something more personal, without her putting her job on the line.

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