NEW Mini Seminar - INNER GAME and ADVANCED COMFORT - Dec 13, feat. Nick Hoss
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    NEW Mini Seminar - INNER GAME and ADVANCED COMFORT - Dec 13, feat. Nick Hoss

    Love Systems Presents:
    LOS ANGELES, Tuesday 13th December 2011...

    The INNER
    Featuring LS #1 Instructor: Nick Hoss

    Are you able to attract women but not take your interactions to the next level? Do women show interest and flirt with you only to walk off? Do you want to steer women toward SNLs/FWBs/LTRs? If you answered yes to these questions, you'll benefit from Nick's 2011 Super Conference speech on Comfort, only heard twice before.

    Do you feel on fire some nights and feel like a failure on others? Is there a certain belief you have about yourself that is holding you back? Do you see a gorgeous women and feel that she is unattainable? If you want to fix your inner game, this mini-seminar will give you a great primer on strengthening your inner game. These secrets come straight from the Love Systems Inner Game Seminar.

    All this comes from Love Systems, the world leader in teaching men how to attract the women they want in their lives, and it's taught by Love Systems #1 instructor Nick Hoss.

    "Nick Hoss is one of the most talented guys at day game and one of the best dating coaches I've ever come across. His genuineness, respect, tenacity and charm shine through - both with women and with clients he teaches. I rarely see guys more dedicated to their pursuits than him."
    - Jeremy Soul, author of Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone and creator of Love Systems' Day Game Seminar.

    "The mark of a good instructor is the feedback he receives from his students. The mark of a great instructor is the feedback he receives from fellow dating coaches. As a fellow dating coach, I can say that Nick has a very analytical approach to the game... Working with Nick is a no-brainer. If I was in town, I would gladly pay for this seminar."
    - Cam Adair, a.k.a Elektro, Kingpin Social

    What can you expect to learn?

    In this special seminar, Nick will reveal the most cutting edge techniques and secrets to help you put an end to frustration in your dating life!

    Subjects include (but are not limited to):

    • Advanced Comfort (from the 2011 Super Conference)
      -The Comfort Cycle and how to use it
      -Advanced frame setting from SNLs to LTRs
      -Nick's personal best Text Messages

    • Breakthrough Comfort Secrets (from Love Systems BTC Seminar)
      -The five major tenets to hit in comfort
      -How to make women fall in (or not fall) in love with you
      -Best frames and subcommunications to project

    • Inner Game
      -Crush your limiting beliefs
      -Learn how to instil core confidence
      -Hear how an LS instructor thinks before approach women
      -Secrets on "winning" mindsets from the world's top sports psychologists applied to PU

    • And much, much more...



    If you had the chance to meet one of the best dating coaches in the world, what would you ask him?

    • This is a fantastic opportunity to have your specific questions answered thoroughly, in-depth, and IN PERSON by a Love Systems Instructor.
    • Get your most troubling sticking points outlined and solved.
    • We‚─˘ve decided to limit the seating to ensure as much personalized time as possible in the question and answer session.

    All in all you will get 3 hours of unadulterated, cutting edge dating and attraction advice from Love Systems - the World's Leading provider of dating advice and tuition.

    Seats have been limited to give you even more of an opportunity to get personal time with Nick, and this ensures that only a handful of guys in Los Angeles are walking around with the advantages of Love Systems Day Game Seminar.

    Love Systems one day seminars usually cost close to $1600. Most guys pay more than $3000 for a Bootcamp or in excess of $4000 per day to work with one on one with Love Systems Instructors.

    Because we want YOU to benefit as much as we have from the techniques that we‚─˘ll share, you‚'re able to attend the full 3 hours for only $59.

    "For anyone who is interested in learning to create a dynamic and exciting lifestyle, THIS IS FOR YOU. The principles and theories outlined during the program were tried, tested and true methods. By implementing these strategies you will immediately experience a level of success with women that may of previously only of been experienced in your wildest dreams!'... TONS of useful information!"

    - Oxymoron, former Mini-Seminar attendee, TAF review

    Who will you get to learn from?

    Nick Hoss

    Nick Hoss is a day game specialist who teaches for Love Systems, full-time, internationally. For those of you who don't know, he's learned and studied day game under Jeremy Soul, a pioneer of daytime dating, and Nick was recently voted Love Systems #1 instructor by students at the 2011 PUA Super Conference. He's also assisted on bootcamps around the world, including Project Rockstar, and he does ongoing training with personal clients.

    He has the uncanny ability to dissect day game sets on the spot, reveal sticking points that you never knew existed, and give practical ways to overcome them... all within a few minutes of meeting you. This is a rare opportunity to hear Nick, speak face to face!!

    "There are only a few people in this world who have the ability and are also as dedicated to guiding others with learning Game as Nick Hoss. This man was truly vital in my transformation from someone who possessed extreme approach anxiety, had low self-esteem issues and was socially inept around women, to someone who is now being solicited by other Love Systems Approach Coaches to help them improve their Day Game.

    Roughly a year ago, Jeremy Soul, the pioneer of Day Game, strongly advised me to learn as much as possible from Nick Hoss since he and I lived in the same city. I followed and observed Nick Hoss when he went out gaming (both night and day) and I was in complete awe by his social calibration and acumen. Moreover, his ability to analyse, dissect, and explain the underlying science for each of his interactions is simply astonishing. In a short time, through Nick Hoss's encouragement (constantly pushing me into conversations) and teachings, both my gaming ability and my confidence skyrocketed. I have to wholeheartedly thank Nick Hoss for helping me, an Asian fellow who did not understand anything about the western culture of dating, to becoming someone who will partake at this year's Love System Project Rockstar in Sweden."

    -Leonhart, long-time client

    "It was clear to me that this guy mercilessly knows his stuff... We went through rapid daygaming on the street (5/10minutes interactions) and I can assure you this guy is a walking specialist in that area, because what he said made sense and gave specific examples to help me understand."

    -JzLaguna, The Attraction Forums

    Seats are limited so BOOK NOW

    Remember, as with ALL our Love Systems seminars, you get an absolute, 100%, money back guarantee if you don't think this seminar is going to take your game to the next level. Just contact us and we'll refund every penny you paid: that's how sure we are that you'll love this seminar AND that it will sky-rocket your success with women!

    If you have any questions about the seminar feel free to send an email to
    It's going to be a game-changing event!
    See you down the street.

    Your Sincerely,

    Love Systems and Nick Hoss

    Read what others have to say...

    The following testimonials came from guys who have actually worked with Nick Hoss (real names have been edited/removed for privacy):

    "It was great and worth every penny! I would really recommend this mini-seminar to all. It's worth it and you learn so much within just a short period of time. Hope to see him when I join a bootcamp."

    -bureaucrat, Former Mini-Seminar Attendee turned 1 on 1 student, The Attraction Forums

    "I went to Nick Hoss' mini-seminar last night and the guy is highly-skilled. He's different, good-hearted, unassuming and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. I picked up tons of valuable info on day game, body language and approaching. I will definitely try to get some one-on-ones with him."

    -DerekSean, Former Mini-Seminar Attendee and long-term client, The Attraction Forums

    "Nick gave plenty of great information, showed us proper ways to do things, and even answered questions along the way... Nick is going to be an upcoming LS star in day game. I would compare him as a mix between Braddock and Jeremy Soul... Definitely worth it."

    -Surffreak, Former Mini-Seminar Attendee, The Attraction Forums

    "Simply put, Nick Hoss is awesome. Nick's critiques and insights really hit home... If and when Nick Hoss is running his own workshops for Love Systems, I highly recommend you take one. Nothing against Soul, but I feel I would have learned equally as much in the field if I only went out with Nick Hoss. He is that good."

    -Jay Roscoe, Former Bootcamp Student, The Attraction Forums

    "I'll start off by saying that Nick Hoss is an excellent teacher and that this seminar was worth the money I spent on it... As someone would have been doing day game approaches for a year now with around 800 approaches, I found Nick Hoss' information was accurate and is useful."

    -Poder, Former Mini-Seminar Attendee and LS student, The Attraction Forums

    "Let me first just say that Nick Hoss knows his shit. He is one of VERY few instructors who is a master of both night and day game. Knowing this, I made it a priority to attend his seminar. No surprise when I got there it was packed."

    -JIntrigue, Former Mini-Seminar Attendee and LS student, The Attraction Forums

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    Get your seats, guys. These seminars are selling fast. I've just confirmed that Darwin will once again attend the Q & A. This guys knows the L.A. scene better than any other guy I know in SoCal.

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