Chemistry ? online pick up

Hey guyz, I need some advice from online artists

so I'm gaming online which is kind of convenient during the week as work is heavy. I'm getting used to it but it's coming slowly.
Anyway, there's this milf which I kind of cute so lazyly, I just wink, thinking if she answers, cool; if she doesn't, no time lost. She winks back 1 min later, then shoots an email "thanks for the wink blabla, how are you ?"

My answer : "I'm fine blabla. So do you wear flower power shirts under your clothes ?", kind of teasing her I guess as she says she's a hippy undercover

Her answer 3 min later " yeah blabla, I'm west coast, berkeley blabla (comfort ?). And I agree with you chemistry is important"

Because in my profile, i wrote that chemistry between the girl & I is important. What would you recommend to answer to that ? I would go for something like asking her to define chemistry and what the signs are, just to dhv me in a future mail ? Or is it dead end from the start ?

Thx guyz