Cool, natural OC guy looking for wings

Just moved to CA from Arizona, went to ASU so I know how to party haha. I live in south OC but am down to game in LA, awesome if you have connects at various bars/clubs I'm def an asset to roll with. I'm 22, easily fit into a college scene or "classy/professional" scene. I consider myself pretty good looking, I'm 6'2, pretty fit and know how to hold myself. My game is natural, I mainly go out to have fun/fuck around and girls are everywhere so that's good.

Also, I'm down to get bottle service as long as it's decently priced, and if we have a few guys to split it, it's the shit-
-booze at the club
-place to sit and relax and bring girls to us
it's worth it to me if we can get to spending $100-150/ea or less for it.

Either way, whatever you're down for post here or message me if you want to meet up~