Direct Openers for the Dancefloor?
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    Direct Openers for the Dancefloor?

    I've noticed that girls on the dacefloor are a lot more receptive to starting dance with you if you come up to then, gently putting your hand on their hip and leaning in (yes i know breaking the rules but this is an exception i believe) and asking what her name is.

    I then lean back and se if they lean in to answer me. Since Im pretty short (170 cm) I think the confidence makes them more receptive to start dancing. One girl responded with "i think you are too young for me" (shit test) and then still started dancing with me since i was persistant.

    But asking for her name and then starting to dance can somtimes feel a bit cheesy, so I was wondering if anyone got any other one liners to say before starting to dance?


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    when I go up to girls dancing on the dance floor & open . I use " don't hurt yourself " , " you're doing it all wrong ! here let me show you " & just start to dancing with them .

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    Again I am out with my nature friend, this is what we do "Direct opener" or What Vercetti do by moving people around and "Direct opener" you see the pattern? Go buy Beyond Words DVD see what vercetti do OK? Now I love dance floor and we do get SNL from dance floor. I talked with Nick Hoss during his California tour and reach conclusion that Energy is important and hard to describe in words besides do it in front of you. Now the MOST solid way to use dance floor is by boner technique as mention by Future and Starlight, that means move girl from bar to dance floor, that is THE MOST proper way to use dance floor, and SNL is SO CONSISTANT. Now don't ask detail, all you need to do is take Future's bootcamp.

    In conclusion
    Direct Opener, no Creep Behind (Buy Beyond Word DVD for Vercetti's bounse talk)
    Energy, (Do a one on one with Nick Hoss for detail)
    Boner Technique for SNL, (Do Take a bootcamp with Future / Starlight for proper sexualization)
    Have FUN (Go to Futuristic Worlds and See Future Big 10 list or make a phone consultation with Future)
    And some general skills you learn from Boot Camp such as go for the move as soon as possible...etc

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